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- Update the docs
- Update README
- Update INSTALL
- Merge INSTALL & README.privsep
- Install FAQ?
- General FAQ on S/Key, TIS, RSA, RSA2, DSA, etc and suggestions on when it
would be best to use them.
- Create a Documentation/ directory?
- Grep for 'XXX' comments and fix
- Link order is incorrect for some systems using Kerberos 4 and AFS. Result
is multiple inclusion of DES symbols. Holger Trapp
<> reports that changing the configure
generated link order from:
-lresolv -lkrb -lz -lnsl -lutil -lkafs -lkrb -ldes -lcrypto
-lresolv -lkrb -lz -lnsl -lutil -lcrypto -lkafs -lkrb -ldes
fixing the problem.
- Write a test program that calls stat() to search for EGD/PRNGd socket
rather than use the (non-portable) "test -S".
- More platforms for for setproctitle() emulation (testing needed)
- Improve PAM ChallengeResponseAuthentication
- Informational messages
- Use different PAM service name for kbdint vs regular auth (suggest from
Solar Designer)
- Ability to select which ChallengeResponseAuthentications may be used
and order to try them in e.g. "ChallengeResponseAuthentication skey, pam"
- Complete Tru64 SIA support
- It looks like we could merge it into the password auth code to cut down
on diff size. Maybe PAM password auth too?
- Finish integrating kernel-level auditing code for IRIX and SOLARIS
- 64-bit builds on HP-UX 11.X (
- utmp/wtmp get corrupted (something in loginrec?)
- can't build with PAM (no 64-bit libpam yet)
Clean up configure/makefiles:
- Clean up - There are a few double #defined variables
left to do. HAVE_LOGIN is one of them. Consider NOT looking for
information in wtmpx or utmpx or any of that stuff if it's not detected
from the start
- Replace the whole u_intXX_t evilness in acconfig.h with something better???
- Do it in
- Consider splitting the u_intXX_t test for sys/bitype.h into seperate test
to allow people to (right/wrongfully) link against Bind directly.
- Consider splitting into seperate files which do logically
similar tests. E.g move all the type detection stuff into one file,
entropy related stuff into another.
- HP-UX: Provide DEPOT package scripts.
PrivSep Issues:
- mmap() issues.
+ /dev/zero solution (Solaris)
+ No/broken MAP_ANON (Irix)
+ broken /dev/zero parse (Linux)
+ See above PAM notes
+ usrinfo() does not set TTY, but only required for legacy systems. Works
with PrivSep.
+ SIA is broken
- Cygwin
+ Privsep for Pre-auth only (no fd passing)
$Id: TODO,v 1.58 2004/12/06 11:40:11 dtucker Exp $