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Other patches and addons for OpenSSH. Please send submissions to
Externally maintained
SSH Proxy Command -- connect.c
Shun-ichi GOTO <> has written a very useful ProxyCommand
which allows the use of outbound SSH from behind a SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or
https CONNECT style proxy server. His page for connect.c has extensive
documentation on its use as well as compiled versions for Win32.
X11 SSH Askpass:
Jim Knoble <> has written an excellent X11
passphrase requester. This is highly recommended:
In this directory
Phil Hands' <> shell script to automate the process of adding
your public key to a remote machine's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file.
A GNOME and Gtk2 passphrase requesters. Use "make gnome-ssh-askpass1" or
"make gnome-ssh-askpass2" to build.
A generic PAM config file which may be useful on your system. YMMV
A PAM config file which works with FreeBSD's PAM port. Contributed by
Dominik Brettnacher <>
Search for all instances of OpenSSL headers and libraries and print their
versions. This is intended to help diagnose OpenSSH's "OpenSSL headers do not
match your library" errors.
Files to build an AIX native (installp or SMIT installable) package.
RPM spec file and scripts for building Caldera OpenLinuix packages
Support files for Cygwin
Support files for HP-UX
RPM spec file and scripts for building Redhat packages
RPM spec file and scripts for building SuSE packages