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The following is a new package build script for Solaris. This is being
introduced into OpenSSH 3.0 and above in hopes of simplifying the build
process. As of 3.1p2 the script should work on all platforms that have
SVR4 style package tools.
The build process is called a 'dummy install'.. Which means the software does
a "make install-nokeys DESTDIR=[fakeroot]". This way all manpages should
be handled correctly and key are defered until the first time the sshd
is started.
1. make -F distprep (Only if you are getting from the CVS tree)
2. ./configure --with-pam [..any other options you want..]
3. look at the top of for the configurable options and put
any changes you want in openssh-config.local. Additional customizations
can be done to the build process by creating one or more of the following
scripts that will be sourced by
pkg-preinstall.local pkg-postinstall.local pkg-preremove.local
pkg-postremove.local pkg-request.local
4. Run "make package"
If all goes well you should have a solaris package ready to be installed.
If you have any problems with this script please post them to and I will try to assist you as best as I can.
- Ben Lindstrom