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=== everything below is old and for reference purposes only ===
* regression tests:
- add specific tests for FAT16 -> FAT32, FAT32 -> FAT16, cluster
resizing 8k -> 4k, etc. Also, compare output, to catch other "unexpected"
errors (like partitions going missing, <cough> not that that's ever
happened <cough>)
* ui:
- support a cylinder interface for the masochistic.
- warn when partition numbers change (?) in UI?
* make *_read() do ped_file_system_probe(), and warn if it isn't sane for
the partition ID on-disk.
* disk label implementations:
- OS/2 DLAT support
- read-only flag for Mac partitions, and the macufs partition type
- lba flag - default flag?
- PC98: relax cylinder boundary restrictions (create conforming
partitions, but allow non-conforming partitions ;-)
* docs for RAWRITE, etc.
* write a summary of operation list things, and get discussion going...
* ped_file_system_is_flag_available()
* ped_file_system_commit() ? polymorphic operations, with apply() and
revert() in memory, and commit all fs's and disk's to commit on-disk.
* ped_operation_queue (ped_operation_new (PED_OP_PARTITION_SET_FLAG, ...)),
or ped_partition_set_flag() (with a "transparent" queue?)
* separate domains libparted and parted (for nls)
* merge with
* merge with gpart
* "renumber"
* "reconstruct"
* "resizepart"
* make an errata web page
* bootdisk: try getting readline & nls support in, use a newer version of
busybox. Also, write some scripts for disk imaging.
* Rawrite3 IS free, it seems. Find the source (version 1.3 == version 3), and
stick source+bin up on the ftp site.
* improve website (check out texinfo. Does it create much autoconfusion?)
* /proc/meminfo, mlock()
* create an FAQ, and stick lots of examples in it.
* ped_file_system_resize_online()
* reiser fs (almost there), ntfs support!
* when Windows doesn't shut down properly, it knows about it. How?
* FAT boot sector reconstruction, in fat_check() - actually, fat_open(),
since it won't open properly if it's broken... Tell when
done. Perhaps connect this to the front-end via a "force MINOR FS-TYPE"
command, since it's sometimes hard to detect broken file systems.
* FreeBSD support (get a copy - I want to try it anyway!)
* LBA support in boot loader
* OS/2 Boot manager
* documentation of the internal API, tutorial on external API, and perhaps a bit
on how the resizers, etc. work [MOSTLY DONE]
* logical sectors (?) byte addressing?
* libbootload ?
- update LILO/GRUB/Quik
* command-line interface: i18n issues, "Yes, No or Cancel?". This issue is
hard, for free software in general. We need a community (i.e. mailing list)
that specializes in this, IMHO.
* ped_geometry_{map|unmap}(), and kill the libparted/fs_ext2 buffer cache
* injecting/ejecting partitions into/out of extended partitions. But to
keep alignment rules, would have to move the start of the partition. No
problem for FAT. Absolute pain for ext2.
* ext2 resizer:
- add ability to move the start of the file system.
- fix "strange layout" problem
- add an incompat feature to ext2 that is a special resize-the-start
journal, and add support in e2fsck / mount / linux (?) for it.
* RAID? LVM? EVMS? grand-unified system TM?
* support finding bad-blocks. Use ped_device_check() in ped_geometry_check()
* generic resizing/converting with the inplace copy via sparse loopback idea
from Serguei Tzukanov