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.TH PARTPROBE 8 "March 18, 2002" parted "GNU Parted Manual"
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partprobe \- inform the OS of partition table changes
.B partprobe
.RI [ -d ]
.RI [ -s ]
.RI [ devices... ]
This manual page documents briefly the
.B partprobe
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\fBpartprobe\fP is a program that informs the operating system kernel of
partition table changes, by requesting that the operating system re-read
the partition table.
This program uses short UNIX style options.
.B \-d
Don't update the kernel.
.B \-s
Show a summary of devices and their partitions.
.B \-h
Show summary of options.
.B \-v
Show version of program.
.BR parted (8).
This manual page was written by Timshel Knoll <>,
for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).