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@(#) BLURB 1.5 96/07/06 23:09:45
This is the fifth replacement portmapper release.
There is an increasing interest in access control for the NIS, mount
and other RPC-based services that are normally registered with the
portmap process. Possible attacks on RPC daemons involve:
- theft of NIS (YP) password files
- ypset to force hosts to bind to a rogue NIS (YP) server
- theft of NFS file handles
My contribution is a replacement portmap program, derived from source
code in the RPCSRC 4.0 and the TIRPC source distributions. Access
control (optional) is in the style of my tcp wrapper (log_tcp) package.
Supported platforms: this program is known to work with all SunOS 4.x
releases. With some Makefile editing it should also work on Ultrix 4.x,
HP-UX 9.x, AIX 3.x and AIX 4.x, and Digital UNIX (OSF/1).
Solaris 2.x and other System V.4 UNIXes should use use my rpcbind
replacement (*.tar.Z).
This portmap version attempts to close all portmap security problems
that are known to me. The README file gives a complete list of
security features.
Without the availability of portmap source, possible alternatives are
1) packet filtering with a smart router (which we do anyway); 2)
linking the portmap executable against the securelib shared library.
Linking RPC daemons against the securelib library is a good idea,
The source is available for anonymous FTP from directory
Wietse Venema (
Mathematics and Computing Science
Eindhoven University of Technology
The Netherlands