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portmap-6.0 is the first release in 10 year of portmap based on the code
from Wietse Venema.
It consolidates patches that various Linux distributions were shipping
with their versions of portmap, and add some more functionality.
This version is currently maintained by
Neil Brown <>
and can be found at
NeilBrown - 11may2007
There is no "./configure", just use "make".
Some make variable can be used to control compilation.
NO_TCP_WRAPPER= if non-empty, doen't use tcp_wrappers
USE_DNS= if set, tcp_wrappers can check peers based on hostname
as well as IP address. This should only be used if you
are certain that gethostbyname will never trigger a
called to portmap (as it might if 'nis' is used for hostnames).
RPCUSER= is set, portmap will use getpwnam to find the user for
that user, and will setuid to that user before listening
for incoming messages
DAEMON_UID= Can be set to a number to override the default UID
to setuid to. Default is '1'.
DAEMON_GID= As above, but for setgid.