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The authors of sysfsutils would like to thank the following people who
have made contributions:
o Lev Makhlis <>:
- Supplied libsysfs code cleanup including code
simplification, read-only strings, and
C++ compatibility.
o Eric J Bohm <>:
- Supplied dlist generic linked list implementation.
- Added dlist_for_each* functionality.
o Guo Min <>:
- Supplied sysfs_write_attribute patch
o Martin Mares <>
- Author of pciutils. Reused the pci name decoding
from Martin's library.
o Martin Pitt <>
- Supplied initial makefiles for lsbus and systool
o Martin Hicks <>
- Supplied patch to fix class_device functions
o Brian King <>
- Supplied patch to fix a memory leak in sysfs_dir.c
o Martin Schlemmer <>
- Supplied patch to prevent checks for installed
headers, while building.
o Lev Makhlis <>
- Supplied patch to make library C++ compatible.
o Dr. Hannes Reinecke <>
- Supplied patch to fix SEGV in dlist.c
o Arun Bhanu <>
- Supplied patch to fix docs/libsysfs.txt
o Kay Sievers <>
- Supplied patch to fix sysfs_get_classdir_attr when
the directory vanishes from under us.
- Updates for building with udev and klibc.
- Numerous other updates, cleanups and general guidelines
o Dominik Brodowski <>
- Fix feature in sysfs_write_attribute(), will now
write new value to attribute if attribute
is a show method and previously had nothing
to be read.
o Martin Schlemmer <>
- KLIBC updates
o Pavel Roskin <>
- Use buildroot for rpmbuilds