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Version History:
1.2.0 - Released September 13, 2004
* Added dlist_sort_custom() (Thanks to Eric Bohm)
* Some minor bug fixes.
1.1.0 - Released March 31, 2004
* Added changes for C++ compatibility (Thanks to Lev Makhlis)
* Patched not to check for installed headers
* Fixed SEGV in dlist.c (Thanks to Dr. Hannes Reinecke)
* Added security audits in library.
1.0.0 - Released February 24, 2004
* Libsysfs now ships with a comprehensive testsuite.
* List elements are now maintained in sorted order.
* Updated systool for better output and removed lsbus
from the package.
* Populated sysfs_device->drivername field correctly.
If device does not have a driver, field reflects
* Added additional CFLAGS while building the package.
0.4.0 - Released December 18, 2003
* Lots of optimizations. Structure elements that are dlists
or structs themselves are not populated by default.
* Provided APIs for applications to obtain dlists
and structure elements.
* Modified API prototypes to be more meaningful.
* Included manpages for systool and lsbus.
* Added support functions to obtain "parent" of
sysfs_device and sysfs_class_device.
* Modified to make use of Libtool's versioning
0.3.0 - Released November 6, 2003
* Added support to build shared library
* Added patch to consider "block" as a class
* Corrected "write" attribute functions
* Added more "find/open" functions
* Added pci name decode support
* Added "test" functions to demonstrate API usage
* Lots of other updates resulting from user feedback
0.2.0 - Released August 29, 2003
* Added autoconf configuration support.
* Added Eric J Bohm's dlist patch.
* Changed the library structures and routines to use dlists.
* Added Guo Min's sysfs_write_attribute patch
* Added sysfs_root_device for use with /sys/devices subsystem
* Added lots of "find"/utility functions.
* Modified commands to make use of new API.
* Added functions to get lists of specific subsystems.
0.1.1 - Released August 1, 2003
* Created NEWS file for Version History.
* Added device reference in sysfs_driver.
* Added parent reference in sysfs_device.
* Applied Lev Makhlis' code cleanup patch.
* Removed "-t" option.
* Added binary attribute support.
* Changed sysfs_dlink to generic sysfs_link and
removed sysfs_read_dlinks function.
* Changed sysutils to sysfsutils
0.1.0 - Released June 30, 2003