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This program expects a set of directories containing good fonts, and a set
of extensions of fonts to be tested. It will randomly pick a font, copy it,
introduce and error and then test it.
The FreeType tests are quite basic:
For each erroneous font it
forks off a new tester;
initializes the library;
opens each font in the file;
loads each glyph;
(optionally reviewing the contours of the glyph)
(optionally rasterizing)
closes the face.
If the tester exits with a signal, or takes longer than 20 seconds then
ftrandom saves the erroneous font and continues. If the tester exits
normally or with an error, then the superstructure removes the test font and
Arguments are:
--all Test every font in the directory(ies) no matter
what its extension (some CID-keyed fonts have no
--check-outlines Call FT_Outline_Decompose on each glyph.
--dir <dir> Append <dir> to the list of directories to search
for good fonts.
--error-count <cnt> Introduce <cnt> single-byte errors into the
erroneous fonts.
--error-fraction <frac> Multiply the file size of the font by <frac> and
introduce that many errors into the erroneous
font file.
--ext <ext> Add <ext> to the set of font types tested. Known
extensions are `ttf', `otf', `ttc', `cid', `pfb',
`pfa', `bdf', `pcf', `pfr', `fon', `otb', and
--help Print out this list of options.
--nohints Specify FT_LOAD_NO_HINTING when loading glyphs.
--rasterize Call FT_Render_Glyph as well as loading it.
--result <dir> This is the directory in which test files are
--test <file> Run a single test on a pre-generated testcase.
Done in the current process so it can be debugged
more easily.