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LIBXML2 build system for Win32 README
In this folder are stored all the files required to compile LIBXML2 with win32 compilers.
Bakefile ( is used as makefile generator.
Supported makefiles:
- for Microsoft NMAKE
- makefile.bcc for Borland MAKE
- makefile.wat for OpenWatcom MAKE
- makefile.gcc for MinGW MINGW32-MAKE
- all DSP & DSW for Microsoft VisualC++ 6.0 (can be used also with VS.NET AFAIK)
This readme is organized as:
1.0 HOWTO compile LIBXML2 using makefiles <-- for users who want to build the library using *command-line*
1.1 HOWTO compile LIBXML2 using an IDE <-- for users who want to build the library using an *IDE*
1.2 HOWTO regenerate makefiles for LIBXML2 <-- for libxml2 mantainers/developers/advanced users
If you just want to compile the library (and the test programs) you should definitely avoid the
section 1.1 and focus on the 1.0.
1.0 HOWTO compile LIBXML2 using makefiles
Choose your preferred compiler among those actually supported (see above) and then run
mycompilermake -fmakefile.makefileext [options]
for a full list of the available options you should open with a notepad (or something like that)
the makefile you want to use; at the beginning you should see a section which starts as:
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# These are configurable options:
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
here you can find all the options actually used by that makefile.
They can be customized when running the makefile writing something like:
nmake BUILD=release
mingw32-make -fmakefile.gcc BUILD=debug ICONV_DIR=c:\myiconv
or they can be permanently changed modifying the makefile.
That's all: for any problem/compile-error/suggestion, write to with the word "libxml2" in the subject.
1.1 HOWTO compile LIBXML2 using an IDE
Actually only the Microsoft VisualC++ 6.0 project files are generated.
In future other Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) will be supported as well.
With MSVC++ 6.0, you should open the DSW file and then set as the active project the
"libxml2" project, if you want to build the library or one of the test projects if you
want to run them.
Using the command "Build->Set Active Configuration" you can choose one of the predefined
1.2 HOWTO regenerate makefiles for LIBXML2
Be sure to have installed Bakefile (
Just run the "bakefile_gen" command inside the folder containing the "libxml2.bkl" file.
NOTE: if you want to remove all the makefiles, you can use the "bakefile_gen -c" command.
The template files used to generate all makefiles are only two:
- libxml2.bkl (the main one)
- Bakefiles.bkgen
All the other files can be dinamically regenerated.
If you have problems with the compilation of LIBXML2 under windows (using one of the supported compiler)
please write to:
Francesco Montorsi <>