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PHDC hierarchy
Service org.neard
Interface org.neard.PHDC
Object path /org/neard
Methods void RegisterAgent(dict values)
Register new PHDC agent.
PHDC Manager or Agent implementations calls this
method in order to register themselves against neard.
PHDC Managers will be notified through their
NewConnection method of new PHDC Agents connections.
PHDC Agents will be nnotified through their
NewConnection method when a connection to a PHDC Manager
Possible Errors: org.neard.Error.OutOfMemory
void UnregisterAgent(object path, string role)
Unregister an existing agent.
Possible Errors: org.neard.Error.OutOfMemory
Fields string Role
"Agent" or "Manager" (mandatory)
object Path
Agent or Manager path (mandatory)
string ServiceName
NFC urn to connect or to listen to
(default: "urn:nfc:sn:phdc").
PHDC Manager hierarchy
Service unique name
Interface org.neard.PHDC.Manager
Object path freely definable
Methods: void NewConnection(fd agent)
This method gets called when a PHDC Agent connects
using the p2p service name. The Phdc Manager uses
the given agent file descriptor to exchange data
with the Agent.
void Disconnection(fd agent, error)
This method is called when a PHDC Agent closes the
file descriptoer.
void Release()
This method is called when the service daemon
unregisters the agent. An agent can use it to do
cleanup tasks.
There is no need to unregister the agent, because
when this method gets called it has already been
PHDC Agent hierarchy
Service unique name
Interface org.neard.PHDC.Agent
Object path freely definable