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* os_BSD_386_2.s
* We need to define our own setjmp/longjmp on BSDI 2.x because libc's
* implementation does some sanity checking that defeats user level threads.
* This should no longer be necessary in BSDI 3.0.
.globl _setjmp
.align 2
movl 4(%esp),%eax
movl 0(%esp),%edx
movl %edx, 0(%eax) /* rta */
movl %ebx, 4(%eax)
movl %esp, 8(%eax)
movl %ebp,12(%eax)
movl %esi,16(%eax)
movl %edi,20(%eax)
movl $0,%eax
.globl _longjmp
.align 2
movl 4(%esp),%edx
movl 8(%esp),%eax
movl 0(%edx),%ecx
movl 4(%edx),%ebx
movl 8(%edx),%esp
movl 12(%edx),%ebp
movl 16(%edx),%esi
movl 20(%edx),%edi
cmpl $0,%eax
jne 1f
movl $1,%eax
1: movl %ecx,0(%esp)