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/* We want position independent code */
#define PIC
#include <sys/asm.h>
#include <sys/regdef.h>
#include <sys/syscall.h>
.file 1 "os_ReliantUNIX.s"
.option pic2
.align 2
.globl getcxt
.ent getcxt
.frame sp,0,$31 # vars= 0, regs= 0/0, args= 0, extra= 0
# saved integer regs
sw ra,180(a0) # gpregs[CXT_EPC]
sw gp,152(a0) # gpregs[CXT_GP]
sw sp,156(a0) # gpregs[CXT_SP]
sw s8,160(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S8]
sw s0,104(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S0]
sw s1,108(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S1]
sw s2,112(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S2]
sw s3,116(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S3]
sw s4,120(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S4]
sw s5,124(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S5]
sw s6,128(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S6]
sw s7,132(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S7]
# csr
cfc1 v0,$31
# saved float regs
s.d $f20,264(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[10]
s.d $f22,272(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[11]
s.d $f24,280(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[12]
s.d $f26,288(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[13]
s.d $f28,296(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[14]
s.d $f30,304(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[15]
sw v0,312(a0) # fpregs.fp_csr
# give no illusions about the contents
li v0,0x0c # UC_CPU | UC_MAU
sw v0,0(a0) # uc_flags
move v0,zero
j ra
.end getcxt
.align 2
.globl setcxt
.ent setcxt
.frame sp,0,$31 # vars= 0, regs= 0/0, args= 0, extra= 0
lw v0,312(a0) # fpregs.fp_csr
li v1,0xfffc0fff # mask out exception cause bits
and v0,v0,v1
# saved integer regs
lw t9,180(a0) # gpregs[CXT_EPC]
lw ra,180(a0) # gpregs[CXT_EPC]
lw gp,152(a0) # gpregs[CXT_GP]
lw sp,156(a0) # gpregs[CXT_SP]
ctc1 v0,$31 # fp_csr
lw s8,160(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S8]
lw s0,104(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S0]
lw s1,108(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S1]
lw s2,112(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S2]
lw s3,116(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S3]
lw s4,120(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S4]
lw s5,124(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S5]
lw s6,128(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S6]
lw s7,132(a0) # gpregs[CXT_S7]
# saved float regs
l.d $f20,264(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[10]
l.d $f22,272(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[11]
l.d $f24,280(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[12]
l.d $f26,288(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[13]
l.d $f28,296(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[14]
l.d $f30,304(a0) # fpregs.fp_r.fp_dregs[15]
# load these, too
# they were not saved, but maybe the user modified them...
lw v0,48(a0)
lw v1,52(a0)
lw a1,60(a0)
lw a2,64(a0)
lw a3,68(a0)
lw a0,56(a0) # there is no way back
j ra
.end setcxt