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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
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#include <string.h>
#include "primpl.h"
/* Lock used to lock the environment */
#if defined(_PR_NO_PREEMPT)
#define _PR_NEW_LOCK_ENV()
#define _PR_LOCK_ENV()
#define _PR_UNLOCK_ENV()
#elif defined(_PR_LOCAL_THREADS_ONLY)
extern _PRCPU * _pr_primordialCPU;
static PRIntn _is;
#define _PR_NEW_LOCK_ENV()
#define _PR_LOCK_ENV() if (_pr_primordialCPU) _PR_INTSOFF(_is);
#define _PR_UNLOCK_ENV() if (_pr_primordialCPU) _PR_INTSON(_is);
static PRLock *_pr_envLock = NULL;
#define _PR_NEW_LOCK_ENV() {_pr_envLock = PR_NewLock();}
#define _PR_DELETE_LOCK_ENV() \
{ if (_pr_envLock) { PR_DestroyLock(_pr_envLock); _pr_envLock = NULL; } }
#define _PR_LOCK_ENV() { if (_pr_envLock) PR_Lock(_pr_envLock); }
#define _PR_UNLOCK_ENV() { if (_pr_envLock) PR_Unlock(_pr_envLock); }
void _PR_InitEnv(void)
void _PR_CleanupEnv(void)
PR_IMPLEMENT(char*) PR_GetEnv(const char *var)
char *ev;
if (!_pr_initialized) _PR_ImplicitInitialization();
ev = _PR_MD_GET_ENV(var);
return ev;
PR_IMPLEMENT(PRStatus) PR_SetEnv(const char *string)
PRIntn result;
if (!_pr_initialized) _PR_ImplicitInitialization();
if ( !strchr(string, '=')) return(PR_FAILURE);
result = _PR_MD_PUT_ENV(string);
return (result)? PR_FAILURE : PR_SUCCESS;