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** Name: errset.c
** Description: errset.c exercises the functions in prerror.c.
** This code is a unit test of the prerror.c capability.
** Note: There's some fluff in here. The guts of the test
** were plagerized from another test. So, sue me.
#include "prerror.h"
#include "plgetopt.h"
#include "prlog.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
static int _debug_on = 0;
struct errinfo {
PRErrorCode errcode;
char *errname;
struct errinfo errcodes[] = {
{PR_UNKNOWN_ERROR, "An intentionally long error message text intended to force a delete of the current errorString buffer and get another one."},
int main(int argc, char **argv)
int count, errnum;
* -d debug mode
PLOptStatus os;
PLOptState *opt = PL_CreateOptState(argc, argv, "d");
while (PL_OPT_EOL != (os = PL_GetNextOpt(opt)))
if (PL_OPT_BAD == os) continue;
switch (opt->option)
case 'd': /* debug mode */
_debug_on = 1;
count = sizeof(errcodes)/sizeof(errcodes[0]);
printf("\nNumber of error codes = %d\n\n",count);
for (errnum = 0; errnum < count; errnum++) {
PRInt32 len1, len2, err;
char msg[256];
PR_SetError( errnum, -5 );
err = PR_GetError();
PR_ASSERT( err == errnum );
err = PR_GetOSError();
PR_ASSERT( err == -5 );
PR_SetErrorText( strlen(errcodes[errnum].errname), errcodes[errnum].errname );
len1 = PR_GetErrorTextLength();
len2 = PR_GetErrorText( msg );
PR_ASSERT( len1 == len2 );
printf("%5.5d -- %s\n", errnum, msg );
return 0;