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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
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#ifndef nspr_irix_defs_h___
#define nspr_irix_defs_h___
* MipsPro assembler defines _LANGUAGE_ASSEMBLY
#include "prclist.h"
#include "prthread.h"
#include <sys/ucontext.h>
* Internal configuration macros
#define PR_LINKER_ARCH "irix"
#define _PR_SI_ARCHITECTURE "mips"
#define PR_DLL_SUFFIX ".so"
#define _PR_VMBASE 0x30000000
#define _PR_STACK_VMBASE 0x50000000
#define _PR_NUM_GCREGS 9
#define _MD_MIN_STACK_SIZE 16384L
#define HAVE_DLL
#define USE_DLFCN
#define _PR_USE_POLL
#define _PR_HAVE_OFF64_T
#ifdef _PR_INET6
/* Initialization entry points */
NSPR_API(void) _MD_EarlyInit(void);
#define _MD_EARLY_INIT _MD_EarlyInit
NSPR_API(void) _MD_IrixInit(void);
#define _MD_FINAL_INIT _MD_IrixInit
#define _MD_INIT_IO()
/* Timer operations */
NSPR_API(PRIntervalTime) _MD_IrixGetInterval(void);
#define _MD_GET_INTERVAL _MD_IrixGetInterval
NSPR_API(PRIntervalTime) _MD_IrixIntervalPerSec(void);
#define _MD_INTERVAL_PER_SEC _MD_IrixIntervalPerSec
/* GC operations */
NSPR_API(void *) _MD_GetSP(PRThread *thread);
#define _MD_GET_SP _MD_GetSP
/* The atomic operations */
#include <mutex.h>
#define _MD_INIT_ATOMIC()
#define _MD_ATOMIC_INCREMENT(val) add_then_test((unsigned long*)val, 1)
#define _MD_ATOMIC_ADD(ptr, val) add_then_test((unsigned long*)ptr, (unsigned long)val)
#define _MD_ATOMIC_DECREMENT(val) add_then_test((unsigned long*)val, 0xffffffff)
#define _MD_ATOMIC_SET(val, newval) test_and_set((unsigned long*)val, newval)
#if defined(_PR_PTHREADS)
#else /* defined(_PR_PTHREADS) */
#include <setjmp.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <bstring.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <ulocks.h>
#include <sys/prctl.h>
* Data region private to each sproc. This region is setup by calling
* mmap(...,MAP_LOCAL,...). The private data is mapped at the same
* address in every sproc, but every sproc gets a private mapping.
* Just make sure that this structure fits in a page, as only one page
* is allocated for the private region.
struct sproc_private_data {
struct PRThread *me;
struct _PRCPU *cpu;
struct PRThread *last;
PRUintn intsOff;
int sproc_pid;
extern char *_nspr_sproc_private;
#define _PR_PRDA() ((struct sproc_private_data *) _nspr_sproc_private)
#define _MD_SET_CURRENT_THREAD(_thread) _PR_PRDA()->me = (_thread)
#define _MD_THIS_THREAD() (_PR_PRDA()->me)
#define _MD_LAST_THREAD() (_PR_PRDA()->last)
#define _MD_SET_LAST_THREAD(_thread) _PR_PRDA()->last = (_thread)
#define _MD_CURRENT_CPU() (_PR_PRDA()->cpu)
#define _MD_SET_CURRENT_CPU(_cpu) _PR_PRDA()->cpu = (_cpu)
#define _MD_SET_INTSOFF(_val) (_PR_PRDA()->intsOff = _val)
#define _MD_GET_INTSOFF() (_PR_PRDA()->intsOff)
#define _MD_SET_SPROC_PID(_val) (_PR_PRDA()->sproc_pid = _val)
#define _MD_GET_SPROC_PID() (_PR_PRDA()->sproc_pid)
NSPR_API(struct PRThread*) _MD_get_attached_thread(void);
NSPR_API(struct PRThread*) _MD_get_current_thread(void);
#define _MD_GET_ATTACHED_THREAD() _MD_get_attached_thread()
#define _MD_CURRENT_THREAD() _MD_get_current_thread()
#define _MD_CHECK_FOR_EXIT() { \
if (_pr_irix_exit_now) { \
_PR_POST_SEM(_pr_irix_exit_sem); \
_MD_Wakeup_CPUs(); \
_exit(0); \
} \
#define _MD_ATTACH_THREAD(threadp)
#define _MD_SAVE_ERRNO(_thread) (_thread)->md.errcode = errno;
#define _MD_RESTORE_ERRNO(_thread) errno = (_thread)->md.errcode;
extern struct _PRCPU *_pr_primordialCPU;
extern usema_t *_pr_irix_exit_sem;
extern PRInt32 _pr_irix_exit_now;
extern int _pr_irix_primoridal_cpu_fd[];
extern PRInt32 _pr_irix_process_exit;
extern PRInt32 _pr_irix_process_exit_code;
/* Thread operations */
#define _PR_LOCK_HEAP() { \
PRIntn _is; \
if (_pr_primordialCPU) { \
_PR_INTSOFF(_is); \
_PR_LOCK(_pr_heapLock); \
#define _PR_UNLOCK_HEAP() if (_pr_primordialCPU) { \
_PR_UNLOCK(_pr_heapLock); \
_PR_INTSON(_is); \
} \
#define _PR_OPEN_POLL_SEM(_sem) usopenpollsema(_sem, 0666)
#define _PR_WAIT_SEM(_sem) uspsema(_sem)
#define _PR_POST_SEM(_sem) usvsema(_sem)
#define _MD_CVAR_POST_SEM(threadp) usvsema((threadp)->md.cvar_pollsem)
#define _MD_IOQ_LOCK()
#define _MD_IOQ_UNLOCK()
struct _MDLock {
ulock_t lock;
usptr_t *arena;
* disable pre-emption for the LOCAL threads when calling the arena lock
* routines
#define _PR_LOCK(lock) { \
PRIntn _is; \
if (me && !_PR_IS_NATIVE_THREAD(me)) \
_PR_INTSOFF(_is); \
ussetlock(lock); \
if (me && !_PR_IS_NATIVE_THREAD(me)) \
#define _PR_UNLOCK(lock) { \
PRIntn _is; \
if (me && !_PR_IS_NATIVE_THREAD(me)) \
_PR_INTSOFF(_is); \
usunsetlock(lock); \
if (me && !_PR_IS_NATIVE_THREAD(me)) \
NSPR_API(PRStatus) _MD_NEW_LOCK(struct _MDLock *md);
NSPR_API(void) _MD_FREE_LOCK(struct _MDLock *lockp);
#define _MD_LOCK(_lockp) _PR_LOCK((_lockp)->lock)
#define _MD_UNLOCK(_lockp) _PR_UNLOCK((_lockp)->lock)
#define _MD_TEST_AND_LOCK(_lockp) (uscsetlock((_lockp)->lock, 1) == 0)
extern ulock_t _pr_heapLock;
struct _MDThread {
jmp_buf jb;
usptr_t *pollsem_arena;
usema_t *cvar_pollsem;
PRInt32 cvar_pollsemfd;
PRInt32 cvar_pollsem_select; /* acquire sem by calling select */
PRInt32 cvar_wait; /* if 1, thread is waiting on cvar Q */
PRInt32 id;
PRInt32 suspending_id;
int errcode;
struct _MDThreadStack {
PRInt8 notused;
struct _MDSemaphore {
usema_t *sem;
struct _MDCVar {
ulock_t mdcvar_lock;
struct _MDSegment {
PRInt8 notused;
* md-specific cpu structure field
struct _MDCPU_Unix {
PRCList ioQ;
PRUint32 ioq_timeout;
PRInt32 ioq_max_osfd;
PRInt32 ioq_osfd_cnt;
#ifndef _PR_USE_POLL
fd_set fd_read_set, fd_write_set, fd_exception_set;
PRInt16 fd_read_cnt[_PR_MD_MAX_OSFD],fd_write_cnt[_PR_MD_MAX_OSFD],
struct pollfd *ioq_pollfds;
int ioq_pollfds_size;
#endif /* _PR_USE_POLL */
#define _PR_IOQ(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.ioQ)
#define _PR_ADD_TO_IOQ(_pq, _cpu) PR_APPEND_LINK(&_pq.links, &_PR_IOQ(_cpu))
#define _PR_FD_READ_SET(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.fd_read_set)
#define _PR_FD_READ_CNT(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.fd_read_cnt)
#define _PR_FD_WRITE_SET(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.fd_write_set)
#define _PR_FD_WRITE_CNT(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.fd_write_cnt)
#define _PR_FD_EXCEPTION_SET(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.fd_exception_set)
#define _PR_FD_EXCEPTION_CNT(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.fd_exception_cnt)
#define _PR_IOQ_TIMEOUT(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.ioq_timeout)
#define _PR_IOQ_MAX_OSFD(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.ioq_max_osfd)
#define _PR_IOQ_OSFD_CNT(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.ioq_osfd_cnt)
#define _PR_IOQ_POLLFDS(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.ioq_pollfds)
#define _PR_IOQ_POLLFDS_SIZE(_cpu) ((_cpu)->md.md_unix.ioq_pollfds_size)
#define _PR_IOQ_MIN_POLLFDS_SIZE(_cpu) 32
struct _MDCPU {
PRInt32 id;
PRInt32 suspending_id;
struct _MDCPU_Unix md_unix;
** Initialize the thread context preparing it to execute _main.
#define _MD_INIT_CONTEXT(_thread, _sp, _main, status) \
int *jb = (_thread)->md.jb; \
*status = PR_TRUE; \
(void) setjmp(jb); \
(_thread)->md.jb[JB_SP] = (int) ((_sp) - 64); \
(_thread)->md.jb[JB_PC] = (int) _main; \
_thread->no_sched = 0; \
** Switch away from the current thread context by saving its state and
** calling the thread scheduler. Reload cpu when we come back from the
** context switch because it might have changed.
* XXX RUNQ lock needed before clearing _PR_NO_SCHED flag, because the
* thread may be unr RUNQ?
#define _MD_SWITCH_CONTEXT(_thread) \
PR_ASSERT(_thread->no_sched); \
if (!setjmp(_thread->md.jb)) { \
_MD_SAVE_ERRNO(_thread) \
_MD_SET_LAST_THREAD(_thread); \
_PR_Schedule(); \
} else { \
_MD_LAST_THREAD()->no_sched = 0; \
} \
** Restore a thread context that was saved by _MD_SWITCH_CONTEXT or
** initialized by _MD_INIT_CONTEXT.
#define _MD_RESTORE_CONTEXT(_newThread) \
int *jb = (_newThread)->md.jb; \
_MD_RESTORE_ERRNO(_newThread) \
_newThread->no_sched = 1; \
longjmp(jb, 1); \
NSPR_API(PRStatus) _MD_InitThread(struct PRThread *thread,
PRBool wakeup_parent);
NSPR_API(PRStatus) _MD_InitAttachedThread(struct PRThread *thread,
PRBool wakeup_parent);
#define _MD_INIT_THREAD(thread) _MD_InitThread(thread, PR_TRUE)
#define _MD_INIT_ATTACHED_THREAD(thread) \
_MD_InitAttachedThread(thread, PR_FALSE)
NSPR_API(void) _MD_ExitThread(struct PRThread *thread);
#define _MD_EXIT_THREAD _MD_ExitThread
NSPR_API(void) _MD_SuspendThread(struct PRThread *thread);
#define _MD_SUSPEND_THREAD _MD_SuspendThread
NSPR_API(void) _MD_ResumeThread(struct PRThread *thread);
#define _MD_RESUME_THREAD _MD_ResumeThread
NSPR_API(void) _MD_SuspendCPU(struct _PRCPU *thread);
#define _MD_SUSPEND_CPU _MD_SuspendCPU
NSPR_API(void) _MD_ResumeCPU(struct _PRCPU *thread);
#define _MD_RESUME_CPU _MD_ResumeCPU
#define _MD_END_RESUME_ALL()
NSPR_API(void) _MD_InitLocks(void);
#define _MD_INIT_LOCKS _MD_InitLocks
NSPR_API(void) _MD_CleanThread(struct PRThread *thread);
#define _MD_CLEAN_THREAD _MD_CleanThread
#define _MD_YIELD() sginap(0)
/* The _PR_MD_WAIT_LOCK and _PR_MD_WAKEUP_WAITER functions put to sleep and
* awaken a thread which is waiting on a lock or cvar.
NSPR_API(PRStatus) _MD_wait(struct PRThread *, PRIntervalTime timeout);
#define _MD_WAIT _MD_wait
NSPR_API(void) _PR_MD_primordial_cpu();
NSPR_API(PRStatus) _MD_WakeupWaiter(struct PRThread *);
#define _MD_WAKEUP_WAITER _MD_WakeupWaiter
NSPR_API(void ) _MD_exit(PRIntn status);
#define _MD_EXIT _MD_exit
#include "prthread.h"
NSPR_API(void) _MD_SetPriority(struct _MDThread *thread,
PRThreadPriority newPri);
#define _MD_SET_PRIORITY _MD_SetPriority
NSPR_API(PRStatus) _MD_CreateThread(
struct PRThread *thread,
void (*start) (void *),
PRThreadPriority priority,
PRThreadScope scope,
PRThreadState state,
PRUint32 stackSize);
#define _MD_CREATE_THREAD _MD_CreateThread
extern void _MD_CleanupBeforeExit(void);
#define _MD_CLEANUP_BEFORE_EXIT _MD_CleanupBeforeExit
NSPR_API(void) _PR_MD_PRE_CLEANUP(PRThread *me);
/* The following defines the unwrapped versions of select() and poll(). */
extern int _select(int nfds, fd_set *readfds, fd_set *writefds,
fd_set *exceptfds, struct timeval *timeout);
#define _MD_SELECT _select
#include <stropts.h>
#include <poll.h>
#define _MD_POLL _poll
extern int _poll(struct pollfd *fds, unsigned long nfds, int timeout);
NSPR_API(PRInt32) _MD_GetThreadAffinityMask(PRThread *unused, PRUint32 *mask);
#define _MD_GETTHREADAFFINITYMASK _MD_GetThreadAffinityMask
NSPR_API(void) _MD_InitRunningCPU(struct _PRCPU *cpu);
#define _MD_INIT_RUNNING_CPU _MD_InitRunningCPU
#endif /* defined(_PR_PTHREADS) */
#endif /* nspr_irix_defs_h___ */