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#ifndef prwin16_h___
#define prwin16_h___
** Condition use of this header on platform.
#if (defined(XP_PC) && !defined(_WIN32) && !defined(XP_OS2) && defined(MOZILLA_CLIENT)) || defined(WIN16)
#include <stdio.h>
** Win16 stdio special case.
** To get stdio to work for Win16, all calls to printf() and related
** things must be called from the environment of the .EXE; calls to
** printf() from the .DLL send output to the bit-bucket.
** To make sure that PR_fprintf(), and related functions, work correctly,
** the actual stream I/O to stdout, stderr, stdin must be done in the
** .EXE. To do this, a hack is placed in _MD_Write() such that the
** fd for stdio handles results in a call to the .EXE.
** file w16stdio.c contains the functions that get called from NSPR
** to do the actual I/O. w16stdio.o must be statically linked with
** any application needing stdio for Win16.
** The address of these functions must be made available to the .DLL
** so he can call back to the .EXE. To do this, function
** PR_MD_RegisterW16StdioCallbacks() is called from the .EXE.
** The arguments are the functions defined in w16stdio.c
** At runtime, MD_Write() calls the registered functions, if any
** were registered.
** prinit.h contains a macro PR_STDIO_INIT() that calls the registration
** function for Win16; For other platforms, the macro is a No-Op.
** Note that stdio is not operational at all on Win16 GUI applications.
** This special case exists to provide stdio capability from the NSPR
** .DLL for command line applications only. NSPR's test cases are
** almost exclusively command line applications.
** See also: w16io.c, w16stdio.c
typedef PRInt32 (PR_CALLBACK *PRStdinRead)( void *buf, PRInt32 amount);
typedef PRInt32 (PR_CALLBACK *PRStdoutWrite)( void *buf, PRInt32 amount);
typedef PRInt32 (PR_CALLBACK *PRStderrWrite)( void *buf, PRInt32 amount);
PRStdinRead inReadf, /* i: function pointer for stdin read */
PRStdoutWrite outWritef, /* i: function pointer for stdout write */
PRStderrWrite errWritef /* i: function pointer for stderr write */
_PL_W16StdioWrite( void *buf, PRInt32 amount );
_PL_W16StdioRead( void *buf, PRInt32 amount );
#define PR_STDIO_INIT() PR_MD_RegisterW16StdioCallbacks( \
_PL_W16StdioRead, _PL_W16StdioWrite, _PL_W16StdioWrite ); \
** Win16 hackery.
struct PRMethodCallbackStr {
int (PR_CALLBACK *auxOutput)(const char *outputString);
size_t (PR_CALLBACK *strftime)(char *s, size_t len, const char *fmt, const struct tm *p);
void * (PR_CALLBACK *malloc)( size_t size );
void * (PR_CALLBACK *calloc)(size_t n, size_t size );
void * (PR_CALLBACK *realloc)( void* old_blk, size_t size );
void (PR_CALLBACK *free)( void *ptr );
void * (PR_CALLBACK *getenv)( const char *name);
int (PR_CALLBACK *putenv)( const char *assoc);
/* void * (PR_CALLBACK *perror)( const char *prefix ); */
NSPR_API(void) PR_MDRegisterCallbacks(struct PRMethodCallbackStr *);
int PR_CALLBACK _PL_W16CallBackPuts( const char *outputString );
size_t PR_CALLBACK _PL_W16CallBackStrftime(
char *s,
size_t len,
const char *fmt,
const struct tm *p );
void * PR_CALLBACK _PL_W16CallBackMalloc( size_t size );
void * PR_CALLBACK _PL_W16CallBackCalloc( size_t n, size_t size );
void * PR_CALLBACK _PL_W16CallBackRealloc(
void *old_blk,
size_t size );
void PR_CALLBACK _PL_W16CallBackFree( void *ptr );
void * PR_CALLBACK _PL_W16CallBackGetenv( const char *name );
int PR_CALLBACK _PL_W16CallBackPutenv( const char *assoc );
** Hackery!
** These functions are provided as static link points.
** This is to satisfy the quick port of Gromit to NSPR 2.0
** ... Don't do this! ... alas, It may never go away.
NSPR_API(int) PR_MD_printf(const char *, ...);
NSPR_API(void) PR_MD_exit(int);
NSPR_API(size_t) PR_MD_strftime(char *, size_t, const char *, const struct tm *);
NSPR_API(int) PR_MD_sscanf(const char *, const char *, ...);
NSPR_API(void*) PR_MD_malloc( size_t size );
NSPR_API(void*) PR_MD_calloc( size_t n, size_t size );
NSPR_API(void*) PR_MD_realloc( void* old_blk, size_t size );
NSPR_API(void) PR_MD_free( void *ptr );
NSPR_API(char*) PR_MD_getenv( const char *name );
NSPR_API(int) PR_MD_putenv( const char *assoc );
NSPR_API(int) PR_MD_fprintf(FILE *fPtr, const char *fmt, ...);
{ \
static struct PRMethodCallbackStr cbf = { \
_PL_W16CallBackPuts, \
_PL_W16CallBackStrftime, \
_PL_W16CallBackMalloc, \
_PL_W16CallBackCalloc, \
_PL_W16CallBackRealloc, \
_PL_W16CallBackFree, \
_PL_W16CallBackGetenv, \
_PL_W16CallBackPutenv, \
}; \
PR_MDRegisterCallbacks( &cbf ); \
** Get the exception context for Win16 MFC applications threads
NSPR_API(void *) PR_W16GetExceptionContext(void);
** Set the exception context for Win16 MFC applications threads
NSPR_API(void) PR_W16SetExceptionContext(void *context);
** For platforms other than Win16, define
** PR_STDIO_INIT() as a No-Op.
#define PR_STDIO_INIT()
#endif /* WIN16 || MOZILLA_CLIENT */
#endif /* prwin16_h___ */