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# AMD Family 12 processor performance events
# Copyright OProfile authors
# Copyright (c) 2006-2011 Advanced Micro Devices
# Contributed by Ray Bryant <raybry at>,
# Jason Yeh <jason.yeh at>
# Suravee Suthikulpanit <suravee.suthikulpanit at>
# Paul Drongowski <paul.drongowski at>
# Sources: BIOS and Kernel Developer's Guide for AMD Family 12h Processors,
# Publication# 41131, Revision 1.13, March 01, 2011
# Software Optimization Guide for AMD Family 10h and Family 12h Processors,
# Publication# 40546, Revision 3.13, February 2011
# (Note: For IBS Derived Performance Events)
# Revision: 1.2
# ChangeLog:
# 1.2: 09 March 2011
# - Update with BKDG Rev.1.13 (preliminary)
# 1.1: 25 January 2010.
# - Update minimum value for RETIRED_UOPS
# - Update to BKDG Revision 1.12
# 1.0: 08 December 2009.
# - Preliminary version
name:zero type:mandatory default:0x00
0x00 No unit mask
name:moesi type:bitmask default:0x1f
0x01 (I)nvalid cache state
0x02 (S)hared cache state
0x04 (E)xclusive cache state
0x08 (O)wned cache state
0x10 (M)odified cache state
0x1f All cache states
name:moess type:bitmask default:0x1e
0x01 Refill from northbridge
0x02 Shared-state line from L2
0x04 Exclusive-state line from L2
0x08 Owner-state line from L2
0x10 Modified-state line from L2
0x1e All cache states except refill from northbridge
name:fpu_ops type:bitmask default:0x3f
0x01 Add pipe ops excluding load ops and SSE move ops
0x02 Multiply pipe ops excluding load ops and SSE move ops
0x04 Store pipe ops excluding load ops and SSE move ops
0x08 Add pipe load ops and SSE move ops
0x10 Multiply pipe load ops and SSE move ops
0x20 Store pipe load ops and SSE move ops
0x3f All ops
name:segregload type:bitmask default:0x7f
0x01 ES register
0x02 CS register
0x04 SS register
0x08 DS register
0x10 FS register
0x20 GS register
0x40 HS register
name:fpu_instr type:bitmask default:0x07
0x01 x87 instructions
0x02 MMX & 3DNow instructions
0x04 SSE instructions (SSE, SSE2, SSE3, and SSE4A)
name:fpu_exceptions type:bitmask default:0x0f
0x01 x87 reclass microfaults
0x02 SSE retype microfaults
0x04 SSE reclass microfaults
0x08 SSE and x87 microtraps
name:page_access type:bitmask default:0xff
0x01 DCT0 Page hit
0x02 DCT0 Page miss
0x04 DCT0 Page conflict
0x08 DCT1 Page hit
0x10 DCT1 Page miss
0x20 DCT1 Page Conflict
0x40 Write request
0x80 Read request
name:mem_page_overflow type:bitmask default:0x03
0x01 DCT0 Page Table Overflow
0x02 DCT0 Number of stale table entry hits
0x04 DCT0 Page table idle cycle limit incremented
0x08 DCT0 Page table idle cycle limit decremented
0x10 DCT0 Page table is closed due to row inactivity
name:turnaround type:bitmask default:0x1b
0x01 DCT0 read-to-write turnaround
0x02 DCT0 write-to-read turnaround
0x08 DCT1 read-to-write turnaround
0x10 DCT1 write-to-read turnaround
name:rbd type:bitmask default:0x0c
0x04 D18F2x[1,0]94[DcqBypassMax] counter reached
0x08 Bank is closed due to bank conflict with an outstanding request in the RBD queue
name:slot_missed type:bitmask default:0xf0
0x10 DCT0 RBD
0x20 DCT1 RBD
0x40 DCT0 Prefetch
0x80 DCT1 Prefetch
name:sizecmds type:bitmask default:0x3f
0x01 Non-posted write byte (1-32 bytes)
0x02 Non-posted write DWORD (1-16 DWORDs)
0x04 Posted write byte (1-32 bytes)
0x08 Posted write DWORD (1-16 DWORDs)
0x10 Read byte (4 bytes)
0x20 Read DWORD (1-16 DWORDs)
name:probe type:bitmask default:0xbf
0x01 Probe miss
0x02 Probe hit clean
0x04 Probe hit dirty without memory cancel
0x08 Probe hit dirty with memory cancel
0x10 Upstream high priority reads
0x20 Upstream low priority reads
0x80 Upstream low priority writes
name:l2_internal type:bitmask default:0x3f
0x01 IC fill
0x02 DC fill
0x04 TLB fill (page table walks)
0x08 Tag snoop request
0x10 Canceled request
0x20 Hardware prefetch from data cache
name:l2_req_miss type:bitmask default:0x0f
0x01 IC fill
0x02 DC fill (includes possible replays)
0x04 TLB page table walk
0x08 Hardware prefetch from data cache
name:l2_fill type:bitmask default:0x03
0x01 L2 fills (victims from L1 caches, TLB page table walks and data prefetches)
0x02 L2 writebacks to system
name:gart type:bitmask default:0x70
0x10 DEV hit
0x20 DEV miss
0x40 DEV error
name:cpiorequests type:bitmask default:0x08
0x01 IO to IO
0x02 IO to Mem
0x04 CPU to IO
0x08 CPU to Mem
name:cacheblock type:bitmask default:0x3d
0x01 Victim Block (Writeback)
0x04 Read Block (Dcache load miss refill)
0x08 Read Block Shared (Icache refill)
0x10 Read Block Modified (Dcache store miss refill)
0x20 Change-to-Dirty (first store to clean block already in cache)
name:dataprefetch type:bitmask default:0x03
0x01 Cancelled prefetches
0x02 Prefetch attempts
name:memreqtype type:bitmask default:0x87
0x01 Requests to non-cacheable (UC) memory
0x02 Requests to write-combining (WC) memory or WC buffer flushes to WB memory
0x04 Requests to cache-disabled (CD) memory
0x80 Streaming store (SS) requests
name:systemreadresponse type:bitmask default:0x1f
0x01 Exclusive
0x02 Modified
0x04 Shared
0x08 Owned
0x10 Data Error
name:l1_dtlb_miss_l2_hit type:bitmask default:0x07
0x01 L2 4K TLB hit
0x02 L2 2M TLB hit
0x04 L2 1G TLB hit
name:l1_l2_dtlb_miss type:bitmask default:0x07
0x01 4K TLB reload
0x02 2M TLB reload
0x04 1G TLB reload
name:prefetch type:bitmask default:0x07
0x01 Load (Prefetch, PrefetchT0/T1/T2)
0x02 Store (PrefetchW)
0x04 NTA (PrefetchNTA)
name:locked_instruction_dcache_miss type:bitmask default:0x02
0x02 Data cache misses by locked instructions
name:octword_transfer type:bitmask default:0x01
0x01 Octword write transfer
name:thermal_status type:bitmask default:0xe5
0x01 MEMHOT_L assertions
0x04 Number of times the HTC transitions from inactive to active
0x20 Number of clocks HTC P-state is inactive
0x40 Number of clocks HTC P-state is active
0x80 PROCHOT_L asserted by external source and caused a P-state change
name:mem_control_request type:bitmask default:0x78
0x01 Write requests
0x02 Read Requests
0x04 Prefetch Requests
0x08 32 Bytes Sized Writes
0x10 64 Bytes Sized Writes
0x20 32 Bytes Sized Reads
0x40 64 Byte Sized Reads
0x80 Read requests while writes pending in DCQ
name:lock_ops type:bitmask default:0x0f
0x01 Number of locked instructions executed
0x02 Cycles in speculative phase
0x04 Cycles in non-speculative phase (including cache miss penalty)
0x08 Cache miss penalty in cycles
name:sse_ops type:bitmask default:0x7f
0x01 Single Precision add/subtract ops
0x02 Single precision multiply ops
0x04 Single precision divide/square root ops
0x08 Double precision add/subtract ops
0x10 Double precision multiply ops
0x20 Double precision divide/square root ops
0x40 OP type: 0=uops 1=FLOPS
name:move_ops type:bitmask default:0x0f
0x01 Merging low quadword move uops
0x02 Merging high quadword move uops
0x04 All other merging move uops
0x08 All other move uops
name:serial_ops type:bitmask default:0x0f
0x01 SSE bottom-executing uops retired
0x02 SSE bottom-serializing uops retired
0x04 x87 bottom-executing uops retired
0x08 x87 bottom-serializing uops retired
name:serial_ops_sched type:bitmask default:0x03
0x01 Number of cycles a bottom-execute uops in FP scheduler
0x02 Number of cycles a bottom-serializing uops in FP scheduler
name:store_to_load type:bitmask default:0x07
0x01 Address mismatches (starting byte not the same)
0x02 Store is smaller than load
0x04 Misaligned
name:moesi_gh type:bitmask default:0x1f
0x01 (I)nvalid cache state
0x02 (S)hared cache state
0x04 (E)xclusive cache state
0x08 (O)wned cache state
0x10 (M)odified cache state
0x20 Cache line evicted brought into the cache by PrefetchNTA
0x40 Cache line evicted not brought into the cache by PrefetchNTA
name:l1_dtlb_hit type:bitmask default:0x07
0x01 L1 4K TLB hit
0x02 L1 2M TLB hit
0x04 L1 1G TLB hit
name:soft_prefetch type:bitmask default:0x09
0x01 Software prefetch hit in L1
0x08 Software prefetch hit in L2
name:l1_l2_itlb_miss type:bitmask default:0x03
0x01 Instruction fetches to a 4K page
0x02 Instruction fetches to a 2M page
name:icache_invalidated type:bitmask default:0x03
0x01 Invalidating probe that did not hit any in-flight instructions
0x02 Invalidating probe that hit one or more in-flight instructions
0x04 SMC that did not hit any in-flight instructions
0x08 SMC that hit one or more in-flight instructions
name:page_size_mismatches type:bitmask default:0x07
0x01 Guest page size is larger than the host page size
0x02 MTRR mismatch
0x04 Host page size is larger than the guest page size
name:retired_x87_fp type:bitmask default:0x07
0x01 Add/subtract ops
0x02 Multiply ops
0x04 Divide ops
name:dct1_page_table_events type:bitmask default:0x1f
0x01 DCT1 Page Table Overflow
0x02 DCT1 Number of stale table entry hits
0x04 DCT1 Page table idle cycle limit incremented
0x08 DCT1 Page table idle cycle limit decremented
0x10 DCT1 Page table is closed due to row inactivity
name:sideband_signals type:bitmask default:0x1e
0x10 INVD
name:interrupt_events type:bitmask default:0xff
0x01 Fixed and LPA
0x02 LPA
0x04 SMI
0x08 NMI
0x10 INIT
0x40 INT
0x80 EOI
name:ibs_op type:bitmask default:0x01
0x00 Using IBS OP cycle count mode
0x01 Using IBS OP dispatch count mode
0x02 Enable IBS OP Memory Access Log
0x04 Enable IBS OP Branch Target Address Log