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* @file sample_container.h
* Internal implementation of sample container
* @remark Copyright 2002 OProfile authors
* @remark Read the file COPYING
* @author Philippe Elie
* @author John Levon
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include "symbol.h"
#include "symbol_functors.h"
* Arbitrary container of sample entries. Can return
* number of samples for a file or line number and
* return the particular sample information for a VMA.
class sample_container {
typedef std::pair<symbol_entry const *, bfd_vma> sample_index_t;
typedef std::map<sample_index_t, sample_entry> samples_storage;
typedef samples_storage::const_iterator samples_iterator;
/// return iterator to the first samples for this symbol
samples_iterator begin(symbol_entry const *) const;
/// return iterator to the last samples for this symbol
samples_iterator end(symbol_entry const *) const;
/// return iterator to the first samples
samples_iterator begin() const;
/// return iterator to the last samples
samples_iterator end() const;
/// insert a sample entry by creating a new entry or by cumulating
/// samples into an existing one. Can only be done before any lookups
void insert(symbol_entry const * symbol, sample_entry const &);
/// return nr of samples in the given filename
count_array_t accumulate_samples(debug_name_id filename_id) const;
/// return nr of samples at the given line nr in the given file
count_array_t accumulate_samples(debug_name_id, size_t linenr) const;
/// return the sample entry for the given image_name and vma if any
sample_entry const * find_by_vma(symbol_entry const * symbol,
bfd_vma vma) const;
/// build the symbol by file-location cache
void build_by_loc() const;
/// main sample entry container
samples_storage samples;
typedef std::multiset<sample_entry const *, less_by_file_loc>
// must be declared after the samples_storage to ensure a
// correct life-time.
* Sample entries by file location. Lazily built when necessary,
* so mutable.
mutable samples_by_loc_t samples_by_loc;