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* @file symbol.h
* Symbol containers
* @remark Copyright 2002, 2004 OProfile authors
* @remark Read the file COPYING
* @author Philippe Elie
* @author John Levon
#ifndef SYMBOL_H
#define SYMBOL_H
#include "name_storage.h"
#include "growable_vector.h"
#include "sparse_array.h"
#include "format_flags.h"
#include "op_types.h"
#include <bfd.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <list>
class extra_images;
/// for storing sample counts
typedef sparse_array<u32, count_type> count_array_t;
/// A simple container for a fileno:linenr location.
struct file_location {
file_location() : linenr(0) {}
/// empty if not valid.
debug_name_id filename;
/// 0 means invalid or code is generated internally by the compiler
unsigned int linenr;
bool operator<(file_location const & rhs) const {
// Note we sort on filename id not on string
return filename < rhs.filename ||
(filename == rhs.filename && linenr < rhs.linenr);
/// associate vma address with a file location and a samples count
struct sample_entry {
sample_entry() : vma(0) {}
/// From where file location comes the samples
file_location file_loc;
/// From where virtual memory address comes the samples
bfd_vma vma;
/// the samples count
count_array_t counts;
/// associate a symbol with a file location, samples count and vma address
class symbol_entry {
symbol_entry() : size(0) {}
virtual ~symbol_entry() {}
/// which image this symbol belongs to
image_name_id image_name;
/// owning application name: identical to image name if profiling
/// session did not separate samples for shared libs or if image_name
/// is not a shared lib
image_name_id app_name;
// index into the op_bfd symbol table
size_t sym_index;
/// file location, vma and cumulated samples count for this symbol
sample_entry sample;
/// name of symbol
symbol_name_id name;
/// symbol size as calculated by op_bfd, start of symbol is sample.vma
size_t size;
* @param fl input hint
* combine fl with the calculated hint. It's theoretically possible
* that we get a symbol where its samples pass the border line, but
* the start is below it, but the the hint is only used for formatting
column_flags output_hint(column_flags fl) const;
uint64_t spu_offset;
image_name_id embedding_filename;
/// a collection of sorted symbols
typedef std::vector<symbol_entry const *> symbol_collection;
* The public data for call-graph symbols. Each caller/callee has
* the sample counts replaced with the relevant arc counts, whilst
* the cg_symbol retains its self count.
class cg_symbol : public symbol_entry {
cg_symbol(symbol_entry const & sym) : symbol_entry(sym) {}
typedef std::vector<symbol_entry> children;
/// all callers of this symbol
children callers;
/// total count of callers
count_array_t total_caller_count;
/// all symbols called by this symbol
children callees;
/// total count of callees
count_array_t total_callee_count;
/// a collection of sorted callgraph symbol objects
typedef std::list<cg_symbol> cg_collection_objs;
/// for storing diff %ages
typedef growable_vector<double> diff_array_t;
* Data for a diffed symbol.
struct diff_symbol : public symbol_entry {
diff_symbol(symbol_entry const & sym) : symbol_entry(sym) {}
/// diff %age values for each profile class
diff_array_t diffs;
/// a collection of diffed symbols
typedef std::vector<diff_symbol> diff_collection;
bool has_sample_counts(count_array_t const & counts, size_t lo, size_t hi);
std::string const & get_image_name(image_name_id id,
image_name_storage::image_name_type type,
extra_images const & extra);
#endif /* !SYMBOL_H */