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# $Id:,v 1.5 1998/01/16 23:11:27 joda Exp $
# Copyright 1988 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
# For copying and distribution information, please see the file
# <mit-copyright.h>.
# Kerberos administration server error table
et kadm
# KADM_SUCCESS, as all success codes should be, is zero
ec KADM_RCSID, "$Id:,v 1.5 1998/01/16 23:11:27 joda Exp $"
# /* Building and unbuilding the packet errors */
ec KADM_NO_REALM, "Cannot fetch local realm"
ec KADM_NO_CRED, "Unable to fetch credentials"
ec KADM_BAD_KEY, "Bad key supplied"
ec KADM_NO_ENCRYPT, "Can't encrypt data"
ec KADM_NO_AUTH, "Cannot encode/decode authentication info"
ec KADM_WRONG_REALM, "Principal attemping change is in wrong realm"
ec KADM_NO_ROOM, "Packet is too large"
ec KADM_BAD_VER, "Version number is incorrect"
ec KADM_BAD_CHK, "Checksum does not match"
ec KADM_NO_READ, "Unsealing private data failed"
ec KADM_NO_OPCODE, "Unsupported operation"
ec KADM_NO_HOST, "Could not find administrating host"
ec KADM_UNK_HOST, "Administrating host name is unknown"
ec KADM_NO_SERV, "Could not find service name in services database"
ec KADM_NO_SOCK, "Could not create socket"
ec KADM_NO_CONN, "Could not connect to server"
ec KADM_NO_HERE, "Could not fetch local socket address"
ec KADM_NO_MAST, "Could not fetch master key"
ec KADM_NO_VERI, "Could not verify master key"
# /* From the server side routines */
ec KADM_INUSE, "Entry already exists in database"
ec KADM_UK_SERROR, "Database store error"
ec KADM_UK_RERROR, "Database read error"
ec KADM_UNAUTH, "Insufficient access to perform requested operation"
# KADM_DATA isn't really an error, but...
ec KADM_DATA, "Data is available for return to client"
ec KADM_NOENTRY, "No such entry in the database"
ec KADM_NOMEM, "Memory exhausted"
ec KADM_NO_HOSTNAME, "Could not fetch system hostname"
ec KADM_NO_BIND, "Could not bind port"
ec KADM_LENGTH_ERROR, "Length mismatch problem"
ec KADM_ILL_WILDCARD, "Illegal use of wildcard"
ec KADM_DB_INUSE, "Database is locked or in use--try again later"
ec KADM_INSECURE_PW, "Insecure password rejected"
ec KADM_PW_MISMATCH, "Cleartext password and DES key did not match"
ec KADM_NOT_SERV_PRINC, "Invalid principal for change srvtab request"
ec KADM_IMMUTABLE, "Attempt do delete immutable principal"
# password quality basically stolen from OV libkadm5
index 64
prefix KADM_PASS_Q
ec NULL, "Null passwords are not allowed"
ec TOOSHORT, "Password is too short"
ec CLASS, "Too few character classes in password"
ec DICT, "Password is in the password dictionary"