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This directory contains mpn functions optimized for MIPS3. Example of
processors that implement MIPS3 are R4000, R4400, R4600, R4700, and R8000.
1. On the R4000 and R4400, branches, both the plain and the "likely" ones,
take 3 cycles to execute. (The fastest possible loop will take 4 cycles,
because of the delay insn.)
On the R4600, branches takes a single cycle
On the R8000, branches often take no noticable cycles, as they are
executed in a separate function unit..
2. The R4000 and R4400 have a load latency of 4 cycles.
3. On the R4000 and R4400, multiplies take a data-dependent number of
cycles, contrary to the SGI documentation. There seem to be 3 or 4
possible latencies.