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2009-12-10 Werner Koch <>
* rndw32.c (system_is_w2000): New.
(_gcry_rndw32_gather_random): Set it.
(slow_gatherer): Ignore SystemObjectInformation on W2000. Fixes
2009-06-24 Werner Koch <>
* rndhw.c (poll_padlock): Asm change from Fedora.
2009-01-22 Werner Koch <>
* random.c (_gcry_random_deinit_external_test): Do not return a
value. Reported Albert Chin.
2008-09-16 Werner Koch <>
* random-fips.c (x931_aes_driver): No re-seeding with test contexts.
(_gcry_rngfips_init_external_test): Fix setting of test_dt_ptr.
(struct rng_context): Add flag TEST_NO_DUP_CHECK.
(x931_aes_driver): Use that flag.
(_gcry_rngfips_init_external_test): Add arg FLAGS and use it to
modify the test.
* random.c (_gcry_random_init_external_test): Pass FLAGS.
2008-09-15 Werner Koch <>
* random.c (_gcry_random_init_external_test): New.
(_gcry_random_run_external_test): New.
(_gcry_random_deinit_external_test): New.
* random-fips.c (struct rng_context): Turn TEST_DT_COUNTER into a
32 bit integer.
(x931_get_dt): Ditto.
(selftest_kat): Intialize it accordingly.
(_gcry_rngfips_init_external_test): New.
(_gcry_rngfips_run_external_test): New.
(_gcry_rngfips_deinit_external_test): New.
2008-09-05 Werner Koch <>
* random.c (_gcry_random_selftest): Return success if not in fips
2008-09-01 Werner Koch <>
* random-fips.c (x931_get_dt) [W32]: Do not use getppid.
(get_entropy): Prepare for use under Windows.
(_gcry_rngfips_selftest): Ditto.
(entropy_collect_cb): Make sure that the gatherer never overflows
the buffers.
2008-08-29 Werner Koch <>
* random-fips.c (SEED_TTL): New.
(struct rng_context): Add USE_COUNTER, remove NEED_STRONG_ENTROPY.
(x931_aes_driver): Do re-seeding if required.
(x931_generate_key, x931_generate_seed): Factor common code out to ..
(get_entropy): .. new. Always use /dev/random.
(x931_generate_key): Seed key for nonce_context from std_rng_context.
(x931_reseed): New. Seed nonce context from std_rng_context.
(get_random): Use x931_reseed.
(_gcry_rngfips_selftest): Return an error if no /dev/radom support
has been compiled in.
(get_random): Remove locking.
(_gcry_rngfips_randomize, _gcry_rngfips_create_nonce): Lock here.
2008-08-28 Werner Koch <>
* random-daemon.c (connect_to_socket): Use GPG_ERR_ENAMETOOLONG.
2008-08-25 Werner Koch <>
* random-fips.c (x931_aes): Take datetime_GT from an arg.
(x931_aes_driver): Call x931_get_dt here.
(x931_get_dt): Implement the KAT hack.
(x931_generate_seed): Copy the seed value to the provided buffer.
(selftest_kat): New.
2008-08-22 Werner Koch <>
* random.c (_gcry_update_random_seed_file): Move operational check
to _gcry_vcontrol.
(_gcry_fast_random_poll): Ditto.
(_gcry_random_selftest): New.
* random-fips.c (_gcry_rngfips_selftest): New.
2008-08-21 Werner Koch <>
* random-fips.c: Finish implementation.
2008-08-15 Werner Koch <>
* random-fips.c: New.
* random-csprng.c (process-cb, progress_cb_data): Move to
(_gcry_register_random_progress, _gcry_random_progress): Ditto.
(_gcry_random_initialize): Rename to _gcry_rngcsprng_initialize.
(_gcry_random_dump_stats): Rename to _gcry_rngcsprng_dump_stats.
(_gcry_secure_random_alloc): Rename to
(_gcry_enable_quick_random_gen): Rename to
(_gcry_set_random_daemon_socket): Rename to
(_gcry_use_random_daemon): Rename to _gcry_rngcsprng_use_daemon.
(_gcry_random_is_faked): Rename to _gcry_rngcsprng_is_faked.
(gcry_random_add_bytes): Rename to _gcry_rngcsprng_add_bytes.
(gcry_random_bytes): Remove
(gcry_random_bytes_secure): Remove.
(gcry_randomize): Rename to _gcry_rngcsprng_randomize.
(_gcry_set_random_seed_file): Rename to
(_gcry_update_random_seed_file): Rename to
(_gcry_fast_random_poll): Rename to _gcry_rngcsprng_fast_poll.
(gcry_create_nonce): Rename to _gcry_rngcsprng_create_nonce.
* random.c: Factor all code out to random-csprng.c and implement
wrapper functions.
2008-07-05 Werner Koch <>
* random-daemon.c, random.h, rndhw.c, rndunix.c, rand-internal.h *
random.c, rndegd.c, rndlinux.c, rndw32.c: Move from ../cipher/ to
* New.
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