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.macro ARM_MOD_BODY dividend, divisor, order, spare
#if __LINUX_ARM_ARCH__ >= 5
clz \order, \divisor
clz \spare, \dividend
sub \order, \order, \spare
mov \divisor, \divisor, lsl \order
mov \order, #0
@ Unless the divisor is very big, shift it up in multiples of
@ four bits, since this is the amount of unwinding in the main
@ division loop. Continue shifting until the divisor is
@ larger than the dividend.
1: cmp \divisor, #0x10000000
cmplo \divisor, \dividend
movlo \divisor, \divisor, lsl #4
addlo \order, \order, #4
blo 1b
@ For very big divisors, we must shift it a bit at a time, or
@ we will be in danger of overflowing.
1: cmp \divisor, #0x80000000
cmplo \divisor, \dividend
movlo \divisor, \divisor, lsl #1
addlo \order, \order, #1
blo 1b
@ Perform all needed substractions to keep only the reminder.
@ Do comparisons in batch of 4 first.
subs \order, \order, #3 @ yes, 3 is intended here
blt 2f
1: cmp \dividend, \divisor
subhs \dividend, \dividend, \divisor
cmp \dividend, \divisor, lsr #1
subhs \dividend, \dividend, \divisor, lsr #1
cmp \dividend, \divisor, lsr #2
subhs \dividend, \dividend, \divisor, lsr #2
cmp \dividend, \divisor, lsr #3
subhs \dividend, \dividend, \divisor, lsr #3
cmp \dividend, #1
mov \divisor, \divisor, lsr #4
subges \order, \order, #4
bge 1b
tst \order, #3
teqne \dividend, #0
beq 5f
@ Either 1, 2 or 3 comparison/substractions are left.
2: cmn \order, #2
blt 4f
beq 3f
cmp \dividend, \divisor
subhs \dividend, \dividend, \divisor
mov \divisor, \divisor, lsr #1
3: cmp \dividend, \divisor
subhs \dividend, \dividend, \divisor
mov \divisor, \divisor, lsr #1
4: cmp \dividend, \divisor
subhs \dividend, \dividend, \divisor
.align 5
.globl __modsi3
cmp r1, #0
beq Ldiv0
rsbmi r1, r1, #0 @ loops below use unsigned.
movs ip, r0 @ preserve sign of dividend
rsbmi r0, r0, #0 @ if negative make positive
subs r2, r1, #1 @ compare divisor with 1
cmpne r0, r1 @ compare dividend with divisor
moveq r0, #0
tsthi r1, r2 @ see if divisor is power of 2
andeq r0, r0, r2
bls 10f
ARM_MOD_BODY r0, r1, r2, r3
10: cmp ip, #0
rsbmi r0, r0, #0
mov pc, lr
str lr, [sp, #-4]!
bl __div0
mov r0, #0 @ About as wrong as it could be.
ldr pc, [sp], #4