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* Copyright 2013 Albert ARIBAUD <>
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+
* These two symbols are declared in a C file so that the linker
* uses R_ARM_RELATIVE relocation, rather than the R_ARM_ABS32 one
* it would use if the symbols were defined in the linker file.
* Using only R_ARM_RELATIVE relocation ensures that references to
* the symbols are correct after as well as before relocation.
* We need a 0-byte-size type for these symbols, and the compiler
* does not allow defining objects of C type 'void'. Using an empty
* struct is allowed by the compiler, but causes gcc versions 4.4 and
* below to complain about aliasing. Therefore we use the next best
* thing: zero-sized arrays, which are both 0-byte-size and exempt from
* aliasing warnings.
char __bss_start[0] __attribute__((section(".__bss_start")));
char __bss_end[0] __attribute__((section(".__bss_end")));
char __image_copy_start[0] __attribute__((section(".__image_copy_start")));
char __image_copy_end[0] __attribute__((section(".__image_copy_end")));
char __rel_dyn_start[0] __attribute__((section(".__rel_dyn_start")));
char __rel_dyn_end[0] __attribute__((section(".__rel_dyn_end")));
char _end[0] __attribute__((section(".__end")));