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0.11 (2013-05-25)
Changes by Wojtek Kaniewski <>:
- changed license to GPL version 2. There was no license information before
which caused confusion. Code by Tomasz Lipski <> and awayzzz
<> had to be removed, because their e-mail addresses
were dead and googling for them gave no useful information. The missing
features have been rewritten from scratch. If any offending code is still
here, please let me know. I've done my best, but I haven't used any
version control 5 years ago,
- changed e-mail address,
- ignore IPv4/IPv6 address hints when option -H is present.
Changes by Ramunas Lukosevicius <>
- fixed source mapping bug,
- SIGHUP reloads map file.
Changes by Roland Stigge <>
- fix an error in the "hints" handling of the host resolver which confused
local/source and remote hint (AF_INET/AF_INET6).
0.10 (2003-06-12)
Changes by Wojtek Kaniewski <>:
- major code cleanup,
- select() before accept(), so 6tunnel won't hang on sys_socketcall.
- fixed losing data under heavy load, when write() didn't send all
data. unsent data is stored in a buffer,
- autoconf,
- supports pid file (idea by misio <>).
0.09 (2001-10-18)
Changes by Wojtek Kaniewski <>:
- included patch from OpenBSD port by Patroklos Argyroudis <>.
- fixing the fix - patch by awayzzz <>.
0.08 (2001-10-13)
Changes by Dariusz Jackowski <>:
- modified IPv4 to IPv6 mapping -- better memory managing.
Changes by Wojtek Kaniewski <>:
- some memory leaks fixed thanks to Sorrow The Prince <>.
- fixed dos condition thanks to awayzzz <>.
0.07 (2000-11-19)
Changes by Tomasz Lipski <>:
- added IPv4 to IPv6 mapping table for binding to different IPv6 addresses,
- fixed multiple connections handling for BSD,
- fixed manpage installation path.
Changes by Wojtek Kaniewski <>:
- fixed some typos,
- connection limit (-L),
- changes installation prefix from /usr to /usr/local.
0.06 (2000-09-11)
Changes by Wojtek Kaniewski <>:
- added -u, quick patch.
0.05 (2000-06-25)
Changes by Wojtek Kaniewski <>:
- added shadowing of args which store -i or -I passwords,
- added changelog (huh, that was the most difficult part ;)),
- fixed Makefile to compile propertly on BSD with native IPv6 support
(FreeBSD 4.0 for example).
0.04 (2000-02-24)
Changes by Wojtek Kaniewski <>:
- added irc proxy,
- added hexdump of forwaded packets.
0.03 (2000-02-01)
Changes by Wojtek Kaniewski <>:
- added listening on IPv4 address,
- added man page,
- almost complete rewrite.
0.02 (2000-01-13)
Changes by Wojtek Kaniewski <>:
- added detaching, verbose mode.
0.01 (2000-01-12)
Initial release.