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# unit test for uuencode to test functionality.
# Copyright 2006 by Erik Hovland <>
# Licensed under GPLv2, see file LICENSE in this source tree.
# AUDIT: Unit tests for uuencode
. ./
# testing "test name" "options" "expected result" "file input" "stdin"
# file input will be file called "input"
# test can create a file "actual" instead of writing to stdout
# Test setup of standard input
umask 0
testing "uuencode sets standard input mode correctly" \
"uuencode foo </dev/null | head -n 1 | grep -q 666 && echo yes" "yes\n" "" ""
umask 022
testing "uuencode correct encoding" "uuencode bb_uuenc_test.out" \
"begin 644 bb_uuenc_test.out\nM5&AE(&9A<W0@9W)E>2!F;W@@:G5M<&5D(&]V97(@=&AE(&QA>GD@8G)O=VX@\n%9&]G+@H\`\n\`\nend\n" \
"" "The fast grey fox jumped over the lazy brown dog.\n"
testing "uuencode correct base64 encoding" "uuencode -m bb_uuenc_test.out" \
"begin-base64 644 bb_uuenc_test.out\nVGhlIGZhc3QgZ3JleSBmb3gganVtcGVkIG92ZXIgdGhlIGxhenkgYnJvd24g\nZG9nLgo=\n====\n" \
"" "The fast grey fox jumped over the lazy brown dog.\n"