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ChangeLog discontinued, git history can be found here:
Summary of Changes from 1.0-pre6 to 1.0-pre7
Thomas Graf <>
o Generic netlink support
o Route Addition/Deletion
o Added nl_cache_subset()
o Have nl_object_clone() make real clones without
sharing any data.
o Remove old nl_object_alloc() not based on a object
operations to avoid bugs due to missing init.
o Added nl-list-caches utility
o Removed nlmsg_build_no_hdr(), duplicate
o Reworked message interface
o Fixed nlmsg_put() and genlmsg_put() to correctly reserve
tail room for user specific headers.
o Added nl_cache_move()
o Renamed nl_cache_delete() to nl_cache_remove() (no API break)
o Fixed reference counting while objects stay in caches.
o Object marking
o Moved attribute mask for objects into generic structure
o nl-list-caches: List available dump procedures
o Use PAGE_SIZE as initial buffer size when reading from
netlink socket
o Double buffer size when recv() returns MSG_TRUNC
o Replaced filter object operation with new compare operation
capable of listing differences between two objects
o Added nl_object_identical() to check if two objects are
identical from a uniqueness point of view
o Added nl_object_diff() returning a bitmask of differences in
o Added nl_object_attr_list() generating a list of attribute
name the object has assigned
o Cache updates based on event notifications, code based on
Patrick McHardy's patches
o Cache Manager
o Added NL_AUTO_PID, NL_AUTO_SEQ for convenience
o Disable MSG_PEEK by default and provide nl_socket_enable_msg_peek()
o Fixed nl_recvmsgs() to return 0 when interrupted via NL_STOP or
o Fixed nl_recvmsgs() to stop reading after parsing if not in the
middle of a multipart message.
o Fixed nl_recvmsgs() to not stop after receving an ACK
o Fixed nl_recvmsgs() to not blindly discard remaining messages
if a NLMSG_DONE message is received.
Petr Gotthard <>
Siemens AG Oesterreich
o Fix u32 to properly handle multiple keys
o rtnl_htb_set_(r|c)buffer()
o Fixed MTU handling in HTB class, problem pointed out
by Edouard Thuleau
Zilvinas Valinskas <>
o Fix wrong msg_namelen in nl_recv()
o Fix memory leak in flnl_request_put()
Helmut Schaa <>
o Fix for using libnl from within C++
Patrick McHardy <>
o *_alloc_cache(): Only refill cache if handle is provided
James Oakley <>
o Fix rtnl_link_set_arptype() typo
Philip Craig <>
o Change address family type from char to int
o Fix the error handling when the build fails.
o add nl_cache_mngr_get_fd()
o add netfilter support
o add netfilter conntrack support
o add netfilter log support
Summary of Changes from 1.0-pre5 to 1.0-pre6
Christopher Aillon <>
o Use $(libdir) instead of $(prefix)/lib for 64bit awesomeness.
Thomas Graf <>
o Extend nl_msg to include source address, destination address
and the protocol being used.
o Make nl_send*() take a nl_msg instead of a nlmsghdr (API BREAK)
o Change callbacks to take a nl_msg instead of source address
and nlmsghdr (API BREAK)
o caches must specify the protocol they're hooked up from now on
if they intend to be associated with message types.
o cache_mngt_associate now takes the protocol besides the message
type to allow for multiple protocols to be supported (API BREAK)
o overwrite destination address in nl_send() when specified in the
message itself, allows for unbound addressing.
o Support for netlink based fib_lookup()
o Documentation fixes
o Fix double nlmsg_free() in nl_recvmsgs() while receiving
a multipart message and the read was interrupted.
o Change cache operations to store names for message types.
o Provide interface to convert message type to character string.
o Add dp_dump_msgtype to prefix each dumped element with a
pretty printed message type.
o netlink fib lookup support
o nl_recvmsgs() debugging
o use nl_cachemngt_type2name() when pretty printing netlink header
o Routing protocol translations.
o Routing metric translations.
o Revised route dumping
o Nexthop flag translations.
o Add support for IFF_DORMANT
Petr Gotthard <>
Siemens AG Oesterreich
o Fix access to obj after freeing it
o Fix u32 selector access after realloc()
o Fix missing out-of-memory error handling in various places
o Enhance nl-monitor to have group selection selectable and
demonstrate usage of select()
o Don't ignore IFF_RUNNING any longer
o fw classifier support
Patrick McHardy <>
o Fix conflicting types for __u64
o Fix printf format string warnings
o Fix object cloning
o Deal with structure padding in nl_object_clone
o Fix nl_addr leak
o Set ce_msgtype in all parsed objects
o Fix addr flag filter
o Fix RTNLGRP definitions (was based on broken kernel version)
o Export nl_get_errno()
o Add function to get/set peer pid
o Add/export some missing accessor functions
o print /0 prefix in nl_addr2str()
o Fix invalid free in nl_addr_parse for AF_UNSPEC addresses
o Use __str2flags instead of __str2type in rtnl_link_str2flags()
o Make sure object and filter types match in nl_object_match()
o Add support for credential passing over netlink sockets (API BREAK)
o Add support for custom dump callbacks
o Add NL_DUMP_ENV format
Michael Biebl <>
"Alex V. Myltsev" <>
o Makefile fixes
Summary of Changes from 1.0-pre4 to 1.0-pre5
Thomas Graf <>
o Use minimized local copies for <linux/if.h>, <linux/if_arp.h>,
and <linux/if_ether.h> to avoid compile troubles with
applications including <net/if*.h>
Reported by Christopher Aillon.
Summary of Changes from 1.0-pre3 to 1.0-pre4
Thomas Graf <>
o Fix wrong rtnl_addr_set_prefixlen() external declaration,
reported by Dan Williams.
o Fix nl_addr_parse() to not change the original string
for prefixes.
o Do not build documentation per default, but have the user
issue 'make gendoc'
o Assume neighbours to be permanent, set NUD_PERMANENT if not
specified otherwise.
Summary of Changes from 1.0-pre2 to 1.0-pre3
Thomas Graf <>
o Fix SFQ parser to allocate qdisc options.
o Fix rule statistics dumping to not call itself.
o Complete Netem qdisc interface.
o Add rtnl_*_put() and rtnl_*_free() to increase readability.
o Cleanup of nl-* tools
o Fix inclusion guards of route/neightbl.h
o Fix nl_connect() to only modify rx/tx socket buffers if not
already modified by the user.
o Fix wrong nl_handle_alloc() prototype.
o Fix typo in route/addr.c causing label to be marked as
local address.
o Use ~0UL as default prefix length instead of 0.
o Fix neighbour message parser to correctly store core.
attributes and provide them again.
o Fix neighbour message parser to correctly guess address family.
to make it compatible with nl_addr_parse() and ether llc
o Add rtnl_route_table2str(), rtnl_route_str2table().
o Add nl_cache_nitems_filter() to find out if a filter produces
any matches.
o Remove rtnl_rule_set_(dst|src)_str() (obsolete).
o Remove scope and protocol field of routing rule.
o Complete routing rules module.
o Move realms translations from route to rtnl module.
Summary of Changes from 1.0-pre1 to 1.0-pre2
Thomas Graf <>
o More API documentation
o Added flags argument to rtnl_addr_(add|build_add_request)().
o Added rtnl_addr_(set|get)_multicast().
o Moved scope translations routines from route/route.c to
route/rtnl.c, required by other modules as well.
o Removed old rtattr bits from rtnetlink-kernel.h
o Customized libnl.css for doxygen documentation
o Removed non-reentrant translation routines, only bloating
the code and too risky.
o Fixed wrong version number from 1.0-pre1.
o Reenabled unfinished policer module.
o Reworked TBF module, automatic caluclation of transmit times,
limit setable via latency, automatic cell size calculation,
options TLV generation. (untested)
o Renamed nl_xmittime() to rtnl_tc_calc_txtime().
o Renamde nl_build_rtable() to rtnl_tc_build_rate_table()
Petr Gotthard <>,
Siemens AG Oesterreich
o Fix symlinks to libnl library files to be moveable
o Fix extern struct prototypes meant to be static.
o Add empty install target to src/Makefile
Simon Stelling <>
o Use LIBDIR instead of $(prefix)/lib for users to alllow librariers
into $(prefix)/lib64.
Summary of Changes from 0.5.0 to 1.0-pre1
Thomas Graf <>
o Uncountable number of changes, rewrite of certain modules,
several major API breakages
Petr Gotthard <>,
Siemens AG Oesterreich
o added class_build, rtnl_class_build_add_request, rtnl_class_add
o added HTB (Hierachical Token Bucket) class support
o added nl_xmittime, nl_build_rtable
o added nl_data_append to realloc a nl_data structure
o added rtnl_rcopy_ratespec as reverse to rtnl_copy_ratespec
o fixed byte order conversion of rtnl_filter.protocol
o SuSE and Fedora Linux compile fixes
o fixed u32 classifier support
o added rtnl_u32_set_handle, rtnl_u32_set_classid, rtnl_u32_set_flags
and several rtnl_u32_add_key_... operations to u32 classifier
Summary of Changes from 0.4.4 to 0.5.0
Thomas Graf <>
o API documentation
o nl_cache_filter to manually filter on a object
o partial routing support
o routing rules support
o Propely set address family when setting addresses
o debug flag and some rare messages, more to come
o make error mesage verboseness configureable
o tc fixes to wait for ack
o cleanup and adaption of address code to latest internal API
o various cleanups
o dozens of API breakages (better now than later)
Daniel Hottinger <>
o arch 64bit printf length modifier fixes
Baruch Even <>,
Mediatrix Telecom, inc. <>
o address support
Summary of changes from 0.4.3 to 0.4.4
Thomas Graf <>:
o overall cleanups for better code quality
o replace dump_(brief|full|with_stats) ops with
dump[NL_DUMP_MAX] array to allow further additions without
breaking the ABI.
o add of send_ack callback, called whenever when oppenent
asks for an ACK.
o make nl_parse_rtattr initialize the tb buffer like in the
kernel, caller must no longer take care of it.
o remove nl_addrnattr (obsolete)
o fixed nl_msg_append_raw to correctly calculate length
for raw data not aligned to NLMSG_ALIGN
o fix memory leak in nl_recv in case of errors
o correctly check sequence numbers if more than one message
was sent out before the answer is being received.
o add workaround for buggy netlink applications not properly
setting NLM_F_MULTI.
Summary of changes from 0.4.2 to 0.4.3
Thomas Graf <>:
o use parser_param in nl_cache_parse
o EGP: dump nfilters attribute
o allow retrieving of filters attached to classes via
FILTER_CACHE_PARENT(C) cache argument
o filter message building API
Summary of changes from 0.4.1 to 0.4.2
Baruch Even <>:
o memory leak fix in nl_parse_rtattr
o reset padding to 0 when appending raw data to a nl_msg
o avoid overwriting nlmsg ptr when buffer extending fails
o typo fixes
o create symlinks and
Thomas Graf <>:
o EGP classifier support
o avoid null pointer in printf call
o added nl_cache_parse to put nl_msg's into a cache
o added rtnl_filter_build to build a nl_msg filter message
o correctly install header files
o nl_msg_payload/nl_msg_payloadlen to access nl_msg payload
o nl_parse_nested macro to simplify nested TLV parsing
o NL_ERROR_ASSERT compile flag to assert(0) on errors
o rta alignment fix in nl_msg_append_tlv
o added nl_msg_parse_rtattr as shortcut for nl_parse_rtattr
for nl_msg API
o added nl_parse_nested for nested TLVs
o added RTA_ARRAY_ELEMS macro to calculate array length
for array TLVs
o added nl_wait_for_ack to wait for the next ack
o added rtnl_link_build_change_request(...)
o added rtnl_neigh_build_*_request
o converted neighbour code to use nl_wait_for_ack
o cb_recvmsgs_ow callback to overwrite internal calls to
o cb_seq_check callback to overwrite default sequence checking
o added nl_parser_param as argument for message parsers including
a callback to be called upon successful parsing of a message.
Removes the requirement of having all parsed messages to be added
to a cache.
o added cb_recv_ow and nl_send_ow callbacks to overwrite internal
calls to nl_recv and nl_send.
Jamal Hadi Salim <>
o Linux 2.4 compile fixes