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* netlink/netfilter/queue.h Netfilter Queue
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation version 2.1
* of the License.
* Copyright (c) 2007, 2008 Patrick McHardy <>
#include <netlink/netlink.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
struct nl_sock;
struct nlmsghdr;
struct nfnl_queue;
extern struct nl_object_ops queue_obj_ops;
enum nfnl_queue_copy_mode {
/* General */
extern struct nl_sock * nfnl_queue_socket_alloc(void);
extern struct nfnl_queue * nfnl_queue_alloc(void);
extern void nfnl_queue_get(struct nfnl_queue *);
extern void nfnl_queue_put(struct nfnl_queue *);
/* Attributes */
extern void nfnl_queue_set_group(struct nfnl_queue *, uint16_t);
extern int nfnl_queue_test_group(const struct nfnl_queue *);
extern uint16_t nfnl_queue_get_group(const struct nfnl_queue *);
extern void nfnl_queue_set_maxlen(struct nfnl_queue *, uint32_t);
extern int nfnl_queue_test_maxlen(const struct nfnl_queue *);
extern uint32_t nfnl_queue_get_maxlen(const struct nfnl_queue *);
extern void nfnl_queue_set_copy_mode(struct nfnl_queue *,
enum nfnl_queue_copy_mode);
extern int nfnl_queue_test_copy_mode(const struct nfnl_queue *);
extern enum nfnl_queue_copy_mode nfnl_queue_get_copy_mode(const struct nfnl_queue *);
extern char * nfnl_queue_copy_mode2str(enum nfnl_queue_copy_mode,
char *, size_t);
extern enum nfnl_queue_copy_mode nfnl_queue_str2copy_mode(const char *);
extern void nfnl_queue_set_copy_range(struct nfnl_queue *,
extern int nfnl_queue_test_copy_range(const struct nfnl_queue *);
extern uint32_t nfnl_queue_get_copy_range(const struct nfnl_queue *);
extern int nfnl_queue_build_pf_bind(uint8_t, struct nl_msg **);
extern int nfnl_queue_pf_bind(struct nl_sock *, uint8_t);
extern int nfnl_queue_build_pf_unbind(uint8_t, struct nl_msg **);
extern int nfnl_queue_pf_unbind(struct nl_sock *, uint8_t);
extern int nfnl_queue_build_create_request(const struct nfnl_queue *,
struct nl_msg **);
extern int nfnl_queue_create(struct nl_sock *,
const struct nfnl_queue *);
extern int nfnl_queue_build_change_request(const struct nfnl_queue *,
struct nl_msg **);
extern int nfnl_queue_change(struct nl_sock *,
const struct nfnl_queue *);
extern int nfnl_queue_build_delete_request(const struct nfnl_queue *,
struct nl_msg **);
extern int nfnl_queue_delete(struct nl_sock *,
const struct nfnl_queue *);
#ifdef __cplusplus