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procps-3.2.7 --> procps-3.2.8
ps: allow "+" in sort specifications, as in man page rh208217
ps: recognize SCHED_ISO and SCHED_IDLE
ps: document SCHED_BATCH and add a "see also" for stime
ps: man page less ambiguous
top: normal exit code should be 0 #341272 #354255 rh199174
top: misc fixes
pgrep: usage error should exit with 2 #413383
vmstat: use EXIT_FAILURE -- thanks Yoshio Nakamura #425492
sysctl: fix crash -- thanks Steinar Gunderson #423704
watch: tolerate umlauts #207103
pmap: range limits with -A low,high
update /dev/tty* info to May 2009 devices.txt
don't read off end of string const rh469495 rh498182
procps-3.2.6 --> procps-3.2.7
top: document H option -- thanks Tony Ernst
top: terabytes -- thanks Tony Ernst
top: CPU usage column width fixes -- thanks Tony Ernst
top: *roff change #326517
ps: fix s format (signals) output with thread display
watch: avoid integer overflow for the time delay
pwdx: buffer overflow fixed -- thanks Ulf Harnhammar
procps.spec needed a slash -- thanks Jesse Brandeburg
w: stale utmp entries snuck in via uninitialized var -- thanks Robert A Basch
pgrep/pkill: fix some realloc-related crashes #353894
pgrep/pkill: g is criteria (PLD Linux, patch found in locked filing cabinet)
sysctl: use - for stdin (PLD Linux: beware of the leopard)
top: show CPU time stolen from a virtual machine
procps-3.2.5 --> procps-3.2.6
vmstat: /proc/stat buffer big enough for 1024 CPUs
dietlibc needs termios.h for struct winsize -- thanks Thomas Ogrisegg
top: can do per-task display -- thanks John Blackwood rh114012
more MIPS crud -- thanks Jim Gifford and Ryan Oliver
begin prep for setuid
top: fix %CPU max on 2..9 CPU SMP -- thanks Ga*tan LEURENT rh110555
ps: fix crash related to realloc -- thanks David Houlder
ps: man page more detailed #334682
spelling fixes #300333 #334684 #334685
top: crash on resize fixed -- thanks Michal Maruska #320289
vmstat: -p handles /dev/ and does not overflow #319523 #330969
procps-3.2.4 --> procps-3.2.5
display problem on 64-bit systems fixed #287947
top: variable-width PID and PPID
top: variable-width %CPU rh110555
sysctl: better error messages
ps: security labels can contain any printable ASCII
top: help and version message on stdout, with exit(0) #283541
ps: SIGTSTP and SIGTTOU shouldn't print bug email address #246123
slabtop: compile with glibc 2.2.17 (and older, likely)
slabtop: fix overflow on huge NUMA boxes #264640
slabtop: accept any slabinfo 2.x format g77301 #287691 rh145369 rh145906
ps: alignment after WCHAN fixed ub5385
pmap: when no -x or -d option, show full path rh142751
procps-3.2.3 --> procps-3.2.4
support 64-bit MIPS with n32 binary
sparc32 optimized for sparc32 again
pwdx: new command -- thanks Nicholas Miell
ps: UTF-8 username + command -- thanks Karel Zak rh134763,rh112518,rh134780
ps: more room for some columns
ps: tolerate SubDomain security module CONTEXT/LABEL data #277401
watch: passes COLUMNS and LINES in environment
top: in batch mode, tolerate unknown $TERM -- thanks Daniel Walsh
pkill: quiet about processes that die before kill()
procps-3.2.2 --> procps-3.2.3
avoid truncating long usernames
avoid warning about -lncurses when not linking (more)
new names for shared libraries (packagers: watch out!)
"make install" no longer rebuilds everything
wchan now '*' for multi-threaded processes
ps: new man page -- thanks Nicolas Francois
ps: STAT shows l for multi-threaded processes
vmstat: some overflow problems fixed -- thanks Holger Kiehl
sysctl: man page fix
procps-3.2.1 --> procps-3.2.2
new packager (downstream maintainer) guidelines in README
move striping from install command to CFLAGS
new gcc options in use: -fweb, -frename-registers, etc.
avoid warning about -lncurses when not linking -- thanks FLWM
tolerate IA-64 headers without PAGE_SIZE
ps: k option, same as --sort
ps: personality-specific -x support (HP-UX and SVR4-MP)
pgrep: man page SEE ALSO updated #226817
sysctl: -q and -N options
sysctl: better error handling of failed writes
top: tolerate sparse CPU numbering
top: try to handle terminals lacking rmam and smam #235003
top: xterm dislikes clear-to-eol at eol (char lost)
vmstat: fixed -d
watch: allow sub-second intervals -- thanks Thomas Stewart
procps-3.2.0 --> procps-3.2.1
build even w/ curses in an odd location -- thanks to Segher Boessenkool
ps: STAT flags for fg process group and session leader
ps: STAT flags for swapped out process dropped (was broken)
ps: new -M and Z options for security data (SE Linux, etc.)
slabtop: detect broken /proc/slabinfo -- thanks to Fabian Frederick
slabtop: ensure that error messages show up on the screen -- FF again
procps-3.1.15 --> procps-3.2.0
build on IA-64 again #227933
pmap: output like Solaris 9, not Solaris 7
ps: also handle SELinux on the 2.4.xx kernels
top: during a ^Z, the terminal was messed up #228822
future-proof the tty handling (thanks to Zhou Wei)
slabtop (Chris Rivera and Robert Love) #226778
pmap: detect the primary stack
pmap: -d format
free: report high and low memory
procps-3.1.14 --> procps-3.1.15
install to /lib64 if it exists
hide kernel PID bug (Linux 2.4.13-pre1 to 2.4.MAX) #217278 #219730 #217525 #224470
ps: faster threaded display
top: auto-margin problem #217559
ps: support NSA SELinux, all builds, Linux 2.6+ #193648
sysctl: tweak man page for ESR's broken parser
procps-3.1.13 --> procps-3.1.14
top: displays on more genuine serial terminals
handle 32-bit dev_t of Linux 2.6
ps: finally, m and -m satisfy the original design
ps: distinct per-thread and whole-process pending signals
procps-3.1.12 --> procps-3.1.13
ps: can display NPTL threads w/ kernel patch
no seLinux for now (new kernel interface)
procps-3.1.11 --> procps-3.1.12
ps: explicit width ("ps -o pid,wchan:42,args")
ps: $PS_FORMAT works properly #201575
top: new Linux 2.6.0-test4 CPU stats shown
top: multiple -p options work again
top: fixed 4 GB wrap-around
ps: has a set of tests to ensure correctness
man page: /var/run/utmp, not /etc/utmp #206583
required flags moved out of CFLAGS #205429
RPM generation handles /lib64
WCHAN skips leading '.'
vmstat: numerous new features
procps-3.1.10 --> procps-3.1.11
compile with gcc 2.95 again (C99 issue)
procps-3.1.9 --> procps-3.1.10
handle GPLONLY_ symbols #143549 #188374
kill: better man page
skill: better man page
ps: PID-like columns change width as needed
top: COMMAND instead of Command
vmstat: -m displays slabinfo
vmstat: -d displays disk stats
procps-3.1.8 --> procps-3.1.9
memory sizes fixed for 64-bit w/ gcc 3.x #194376 #191933
ps: detect broken OS install w/o /proc mounted #172735
top: fix suspend/resume behavior
top: ditch warning until a GOOD interface is found #188271
kill: more info in the man page #182414
ps: document the -o, o, -O, and O options #169301
vmstat: choose units you like: 1000, 1024, 1000000...
procps-3.1.7 --> procps-3.1.8
top: fix keyboard handling (help screen, etc.)
procps-3.1.6 --> procps-3.1.7
Makefile: made SKIP feature easier to use
watch: --help now explains -t, --no-title #182246
ps: warning directs users to the FAQ
top: batch mode can refresh by fractional seconds
top: faster start-up
top: do not refresh like crazy
ps: better crash message
procps-3.1.5 --> procps-3.1.6
handle the 2.5.61 kernel
top: memory leak fixed
ps: new --ppid option selects by PPID
watch: new --no-title option #179862
handle SPARC Linux badness
rare crash fixed
compile with gcc 2.91.xx again
more informative "ps --info"
README update
ps: compare more with "ps -C verylongname" #178127
procps-3.1.4 --> procps-3.1.5
ancient (2.x.xx era) data corruption fixed
serious hidden-process problem (3.1.3+) fixed
w: escape sequence vulnerability fixed
procps-3.1.3 --> procps-3.1.4
top: was trashing every "3" in a command name
top: when killing a process, the PID was cut at a "3"
top: more reliable %CPU
update copyright dates (GPL & LGPL require this)
RPM generation works now
procps-3.1.2 --> procps-3.1.3
uses /proc/*/wchan files when available
top: user selection
sysctl: add -e for Red Hat 8.0 boot scripts
sysctl: the obvious --help, -V, and --version
sysctl: some command line error checking
w: stdout, not stderr -- thanks to Sander van Malssen
procps-3.1.1 --> procps-3.1.2
better RPM generation
use C99 features
some seLinux fixes
now count Inact_laundry as needed #172163
ps: fewer globals
ps: hardware-enforced buffer protection
ps: 1 kB smaller
top: B command added (for bold on/off)
top: handle old (and future) config files
top: man page tweak
top: old sort keys #167249
top: out-of-bounds RT as "RT"
top: several times faster
top: t command fixed
vmstat: -f
vmstat: -s
w: much faster
watch: don't drop empty lines #171005
watch: re-indented
procps-3.1.0 --> procps-3.1.1
vmstat faster on 2.5.xx kernels
vmstat header fixed
vmstat -a re-fixed
procps-3.0.5 --> procps-3.1.0
vmstat displays IO-wait time instead of bogus "w"
can build w/o shared library (set SHARED=0)
when IO-wait hidden, count as idle, not as sys
pmap command added (like Sun has)
do not crash GNU make 3.79
top slightly faster
procps-3.0.4 --> procps-3.0.5
top tolerates super-wide displays
better (?) RPM generation
XConsole and top.desktop removed
old build system removed
code cleanup
pgrep and pkill get "-o" (oldest matching process)
had vmstat "bi" and "bo" output interchanged on 2.5.xx
fix man page tbl directives
top man page cleaned up
procps-3.0.3 --> procps-3.0.4
make top go faster
Linux 2.2.xx ELF note warning removed
only show IO-wait on recent kernels
fix top's SMP stats
fix top for "dumb" and "vt510" terminals
in top, limit the priority values to -99 ... 99
procps-3.0.2 --> procps-3.0.3
more "make install" fixes
lib CFLAGS working again
top.1 codes fixed
bad (int*) cast in top removed
top runs faster
libproc memory corruption fixed
rant moved out of top.1 man page
ability to SKIP installing things
fixed ps --sort crash
procps-3.0.1 --> procps-3.0.2
top defaults to the old layout
top defaults to sorting by %CPU
fix top for non-SMP 2.2.xx and 2.0.xx
new "make install" fixed
vmstat -a fixed
vmstat compiles with latest gcc-3.x
vmstat does 64-bit time
procps-3.0.0 --> procps-3.0.1
sysctl handles net/ipv4/conf/eth1.0123/tag (VLAN interface)
sysctl handles net.ipv4.conf.eth1/0123.tag (VLAN interface)
"ps" is now about 2x faster than in procps-2.x.x
"ps -F" now documented
w works in KOI8-R locale
vmstat documentation update
"skill -n blah blah blah" lets you test options
simple "make && make install" now
procps-2.x.x --> procps-3.0.0
designed to support Linux 2.0 through 2.5.41 and beyond
new top, with optional: color, windowing, SMP stats
runs faster
more "it crashes" bugs fixed
top shows IO-wait time
vmstat can show active/inactive memory stats
real-time info supported in ps
correct "ps -o size" and "ps --sort size"
new maintainers
reduced memory usage for ps
allow large PIDs to be specified
SELINUX support is just a recompile away
the "F" column shrank, so "ps -l" has more command name room
64-bit time reduces the overflow problem
support S/390, IA-64 emulator, and user-mode Linux
oldps is gone
configure script -- use "make -f Makefile.noam" as a backup
"w" program better at determining what a user is doing
more stable
code at now (SourceForge)
Earlier changes, for those not using Debian already:
more stable
runs faster
-F format option
better error reporting in ps for unknown format specifiers
BSD's sysctl options -b and -X
top displays well on large-memory systems
old BSD-style select-by-PID ("ps l$$")
15-character user names
ps 'f' ASCII art forest fixed
add SIGSYS on i386
top reports real RSS value
large-memory systems work
minimal ps program for embedded systems (minimal.c)
BSD personality process selection fixed
support locale (French) with ',' and '.' mixed up
pgrep program
includes the "kill" and "nice" programs
don't chop non-tty ps output at 80 columns