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.\" Copyright 2008 Hayden A. James (
.\" May be distributed under the GNU General Public License
.TH "IPCMK" "1" "21 March 2008" "ipcmk" "Linux Programmer's Manual"
ipcmk \- create various ipc resources
.B ipcmk \-h
.B ipcmk
.RB [ \-M
.IR size ]
.RB [ \-S
.IR nsems ]
.RB [ \-Q ]
.RB [ \-p
.IR mode ]
.B ipcmk
allows you to create shared memory segments, message queues or semaphore arrays.
Resources may be specified as follows:
.BI \-M " size"
shared memory segment of size
.I size
.BI \-S " nsems"
semaphore array with
.I nsems
.BI \-Q
message queue
Other options
.BI \-p " mode"
permission for the resource (default is 0644)
.B \-h
display a short help message and exit
.BR ipcrm (1),
.BR ipcs (1)
Hayden A. James (
The ipcmk command is part of the util\-linux\-ng package and is available from\-linux\-ng/.