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What: /sys/kernel/debug/ec/*/{gpe,use_global_lock,io}
Date: July 2010
Contact: Thomas Renninger <>
General information like which GPE is assigned to the EC and whether
the global lock should get used.
Knowing the EC GPE one can watch the amount of HW events related to
the EC here (XY -> GPE number from /sys/kernel/debug/ec/*/gpe):
The io file is binary and a userspace tool located here:
should get used to read out the 256 Embedded Controller registers
or writing to them.
CAUTION: Do not write to the Embedded Controller if you don't know
what you are doing! Rebooting afterwards also is a good idea.
This can influence the way your machine is cooled and fans may
not get switched on again after you did a wrong write.