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Simple Power-Managed Bus
A Simple Power-Managed Bus is a transparent bus that doesn't need a real
driver, as it's typically initialized by the boot loader.
However, its bus controller is part of a PM domain, or under the control of a
functional clock. Hence, the bus controller's PM domain and/or clock must be
enabled for child devices connected to the bus (either on-SoC or externally)
to function.
While "simple-pm-bus" follows the "simple-bus" set of properties, as specified
in ePAPR, it is not an extension of "simple-bus".
Required properties:
- compatible: Must contain at least "simple-pm-bus".
Must not contain "simple-bus".
It's recommended to let this be preceded by one or more
vendor-specific compatible values.
- #address-cells, #size-cells, ranges: Must describe the mapping between
parent address and child address spaces.
Optional platform-specific properties for clock or PM domain control (at least
one of them is required):
- clocks: Must contain a reference to the functional clock(s),
- power-domains: Must contain a reference to the PM domain.
Please refer to the binding documentation for the clock and/or PM domain
providers for more details.
bsc: bus@fec10000 {
compatible = "renesas,bsc-sh73a0", "renesas,bsc",
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <1>;
ranges = <0 0 0x20000000>;
reg = <0xfec10000 0x400>;
interrupts = <0 39 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
clocks = <&zb_clk>;
power-domains = <&pd_a4s>;