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NXP specific extensions to the Northwest Logic MIPI-DSI
Platform specific extentions for the NWL MIPI-DSI host controller found in
MX8 platforms. This is an encoder/bridge that manages the platform specific
initializations required for the NWL MIPI-DSI host.
Required properties:
- compatible: "fsl,<chip>-mipi-dsi"
The following strings are expected:
- reg: the register range of the MIPI-DSI controller
- interrupts: the interrupt number for this module
- clock, clock-names: phandles to the MIPI-DSI clocks
The following clocks are expected on all platforms:
"phy_ref" - PHY_REF clock
"tx_esc" - TX_ESC clock (used in escape mode)
"rx_esc" - RX_ESC clock (used in escape mode)
The following clocks are expected on i.MX8qm and i.MX8qxp:
"bypass" - bypass clock
"pixel" - pixel clock (for the pixel link)
- assigned-clocks: phandles to clocks that requires initial configuration
- assigned-clock-rates: rates of the clocks that requires initial configuration
The following clocks needs to have an initial configuration:
"tx_esc" and "rx_esc"
- port: input and output port nodes with endpoint definitions as
defined in Documentation/devicetree/bindings/graph.txt;
the input port should be connected to a display
interface and the output port should be connected to a
- phys: phandle to the phy module representing the DPHY
inside MIPI-DSI IP block
- phy-names: should be "dphy"
Optional properties:
- power-domains phandle to the power domain
- interrupt-parent phandle to the interrupt parent, if there is one;
usually, on i.MX8qm and i.MX8qxp there is an irq
steer handling the MIPI DSI interrupts
- csr phandle to the CSR register set (required on i.MX8qm
and i.MX8qxp for the reset functions)
- assigned-clock-parents phandles to parent clocks that needs to be assigned as
parents to clocks defined in assigned-clocks
- sync-pol horizontal and vertical sync polarity of the input
signal; can be <0> for LOW (negative) or <1> for HIGH
(positive) polarity; default value is <0>, when this
property is ommited
- pwr-delay delay used in enable, before enabling the clocks; this is
useful when the PLL needs some time to become stable;
this value represents milliseconds
mipi_dsi1: mipi_dsi {
compatible = "fsl,imx8qxp-mipi-dsi";
clocks =
clock-names = "pixel", "bypass", "phy_ref";
power-domains = <&pd_mipi_dsi0>;
csr = <&mipi_dsi_csr1>;
phys = <&mipi_dsi_phy1>;
phy-names = "dphy";
status = "disabled";
port@0 {
mipi_dsi1_in: endpoint {
remote-endpoint = <&dpu_disp0_mipi_dsi>;
port@1 {
mipi_dsi1_out: endpoint {
remote-endpoint = <&mipi_dsi_bridge1_in>;