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* Cosmic Circuits - Analog to Digital Converter (CC-10001-ADC)
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be "cosmic,10001-adc"
- reg: Should contain adc registers location and length.
- clock-names: Should contain "adc".
- clocks: Should contain a clock specifier for each entry in clock-names
- vref-supply: The regulator supply ADC reference voltage.
Optional properties:
- adc-reserved-channels: Bitmask of reserved channels,
i.e. channels that cannot be used by the OS.
adc: adc@18101600 {
compatible = "cosmic,10001-adc";
reg = <0x18101600 0x24>;
adc-reserved-channels = <0x2>;
clocks = <&adc_clk>;
clock-names = "adc";
vref-supply = <&reg_1v8>;