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* Toshiba TC358743 HDMI-RX to MIPI CSI2-TX Bridge
The Toshiba TC358743 HDMI-RX to MIPI CSI2-TX (H2C) is a bridge that converts
a HDMI stream to MIPI CSI-2 TX. It is programmable through I2C.
Required Properties:
- compatible: value should be "toshiba,tc358743"
- clocks, clock-names: should contain a phandle link to the reference clock
source, the clock input is named "refclk".
Optional Properties:
- reset-gpios: gpio phandle GPIO connected to the reset pin
- interrupts, interrupt-parent: GPIO connected to the interrupt pin
- data-lanes: should be <1 2 3 4> for four-lane operation,
or <1 2> for two-lane operation
- clock-lanes: should be <0>
- clock-noncontinuous: Presence of this boolean property decides whether the
MIPI CSI-2 clock is continuous or non-continuous.
- link-frequencies: List of allowed link frequencies in Hz. Each frequency is
expressed as a 64-bit big-endian integer. The frequency
is half of the bps per lane due to DDR transmission.
For further information on the MIPI CSI-2 endpoint node properties, see
tc358743@0f {
compatible = "toshiba,tc358743";
reg = <0x0f>;
clocks = <&hdmi_osc>;
clock-names = "refclk";
reset-gpios = <&gpio6 9 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio2>;
interrupts = <5 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
port {
tc358743_out: endpoint {
remote-endpoint = <&mipi_csi2_in>;
data-lanes = <1 2 3 4>;
clock-lanes = <0>;
link-frequencies = /bits/ 64 <297000000>;