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* EMIF family of TI SDRAM controllers
EMIF - External Memory Interface - is an SDRAM controller used in
TI SoCs. EMIF supports, based on the IP revision, one or more of
DDR2/DDR3/LPDDR2 protocols. This binding describes a given instance
of the EMIF IP and memory parts attached to it.
Required properties:
- compatible : Should be of the form "ti,emif-<ip-rev>" where <ip-rev>
is the IP revision of the specific EMIF instance.
For am437x should be ti,emif-am4372.
- phy-type : <u32> indicating the DDR phy type. Following are the
allowed values
<1> : Attila PHY
<2> : Intelli PHY
- device-handle : phandle to a "lpddr2" node representing the memory part
- ti,hwmods : For TI hwmods processing and omap device creation
the value shall be "emif<n>" where <n> is the number of the EMIF
instance with base 1.
Optional properties:
- cs1-used : Have this property if CS1 of this EMIF
instance has a memory part attached to it. If there is a memory
part attached to CS1, it should be the same type as the one on CS0,
so there is no need to give the details of this memory part.
- cal-resistor-per-cs : Have this property if the board has one
calibration resistor per chip-select.
- hw-caps-read-idle-ctrl: Have this property if the controller
supports read idle window programming
- hw-caps-dll-calib-ctrl: Have this property if the controller
supports dll calibration control
- hw-caps-ll-interface : Have this property if the controller
has a low latency interface and corresponding interrupt events
- hw-caps-temp-alert : Have this property if the controller
has capability for generating SDRAM temperature alerts
emif1: emif@0x4c000000 {
compatible = "ti,emif-4d";
ti,hwmods = "emif2";
phy-type = <1>;
device-handle = <&elpida_ECB240ABACN>;