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The Broadcom BCM87XX devices are a family of 10G Ethernet PHYs. They
have these bindings in addition to the standard PHY bindings.
Compatible: Should contain "broadcom,bcm8706" or "broadcom,bcm8727" and
Optional Properties:
- broadcom,c45-reg-init : one of more sets of 4 cells. The first cell
is the MDIO Manageable Device (MMD) address, the second a register
address within the MMD, the third cell contains a mask to be ANDed
with the existing register value, and the fourth cell is ORed with
he result to yield the new register value. If the third cell has a
value of zero, no read of the existing value is performed.
ethernet-phy@5 {
reg = <5>;
compatible = "broadcom,bcm8706", "ethernet-phy-ieee802.3-c45";
interrupt-parent = <&gpio>;
interrupts = <12 8>; /* Pin 12, active low */
* Set PMD Digital Control Register for
* GPIO[1] Tx/Rx
* GPIO[0] R64 Sync Acquired
broadcom,c45-reg-init = <1 0xc808 0xff8f 0x70>;