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What: /sys/firmware/opal/dump
Date: Feb 2014
Contact: Stewart Smith <>
This directory exposes interfaces for interacting with
the FSP and platform dumps through OPAL firmware interface.
This is only for the powerpc/powernv platform.
initiate_dump: When '1' is written to it,
we will initiate a dump.
Read this file for supported commands.
0xXX-0xYYYY: A directory for dump of type 0xXX and
id 0xYYYY (in hex). The name of this
directory should not be relied upon to
be in this format, only that it's unique
among all dumps. For determining the type
and ID of the dump, use the id and type files.
Do not rely on any particular size of dump
type or dump id.
Each dump has the following files:
id: An ASCII representation of the dump ID
in hex (e.g. '0x01')
type: An ASCII representation of the type of
dump in the format "0x%x %s" with the ID
in hex and a description of the dump type
(or 'unknown').
Type '0xffffffff unknown' is used when
we could not get the type from firmware.
e.g. '0x02 System/Platform Dump'
dump: A binary file containing the dump.
The size of the dump is the size of this file.
acknowledge: When 'ack' is written to this, we will
acknowledge that we've retrieved the
dump to the service processor. It will
then remove it, making the dump
Reading this file will get a list of
supported actions.