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Binding for Texas Instruments DPLL clock.
Binding status: Unstable - ABI compatibility may be broken in the future
This binding uses the common clock binding[1]. It assumes a
register-mapped DPLL with usually two selectable input clocks
(reference clock and bypass clock), with digital phase locked
loop logic for multiplying the input clock to a desired output
clock. This clock also typically supports different operation
modes (locked, low power stop etc.) This binding has several
sub-types, which effectively result in slightly different setup
for the actual DPLL clock.
[1] Documentation/devicetree/bindings/clock/clock-bindings.txt
Required properties:
- compatible : shall be one of:
- #clock-cells : from common clock binding; shall be set to 0.
- clocks : link phandles of parent clocks, first entry lists reference clock
and second entry bypass clock
- reg : offsets for the register set for controlling the DPLL.
Registers are listed in following order:
"control" - contains the control register base address
"idlest" - contains the idle status register base address
"mult-div1" - contains the multiplier / divider register base address
"autoidle" - contains the autoidle register base address (optional)
ti,am3-* dpll types do not have autoidle register
ti,omap2-* dpll type does not support idlest / autoidle registers
Optional properties:
- DPLL mode setting - defining any one or more of the following overrides
default setting.
- ti,low-power-stop : DPLL supports low power stop mode, gating output
- ti,low-power-bypass : DPLL output matches rate of parent bypass clock
- ti,lock : DPLL locks in programmed rate
dpll_core_ck: dpll_core_ck@44e00490 {
#clock-cells = <0>;
compatible = "ti,omap4-dpll-core-clock";
clocks = <&sys_clkin_ck>, <&sys_clkin_ck>;
reg = <0x490>, <0x45c>, <0x488>, <0x468>;
dpll2_ck: dpll2_ck@48004004 {
#clock-cells = <0>;
compatible = "ti,omap3-dpll-clock";
clocks = <&sys_ck>, <&dpll2_fck>;
reg = <0x4>, <0x24>, <0x34>, <0x40>;
dpll_core_ck: dpll_core_ck@44e00490 {
#clock-cells = <0>;
compatible = "ti,am3-dpll-core-clock";
clocks = <&sys_clkin_ck>, <&sys_clkin_ck>;
reg = <0x90>, <0x5c>, <0x68>;
dpll_ck: dpll_ck {
#clock-cells = <0>;
compatible = "ti,omap2-dpll-core-clock";
clocks = <&sys_ck>, <&sys_ck>;
reg = <0x0500>, <0x0540>;