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Device-Tree bindings for tilcdc DRM TFP410 output driver
Required properties:
- compatible: value should be "ti,tilcdc,tfp410".
- i2c: the phandle for the i2c device to use for DDC
Recommended properties:
- pinctrl-names, pinctrl-0: the pincontrol settings to configure
muxing properly for pins that connect to TFP410 device
- powerdn-gpio: the powerdown GPIO, pulled low to power down the
TFP410 device (for DPMS_OFF)
dvicape {
compatible = "ti,tilcdc,tfp410";
i2c = <&i2c2>;
pinctrl-names = "default";
pinctrl-0 = <&bone_dvi_cape_dvi_00A1_pins>;
powerdn-gpio = <&gpio2 31 0>;