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* Bus Enumeration by Freescale PCI-X Agent
Typically any Freescale PCI-X bridge hardware strapped into Agent mode
is prevented from enumerating the bus. The PrPMC form-factor requires
all mezzanines to be PCI-X Agents, but one per system may still
enumerate the bus.
The property defined below will allow a PCI-X bridge to be used for bus
enumeration despite being strapped into Agent mode.
Required properties:
- fsl,pci-agent-force-enum : There is no value associated with this
property. The property itself is treated as a boolean.
/* PCI-X bridge known to be PrPMC Monarch */
pci0: pci@ef008000 {
#interrupt-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <2>;
#address-cells = <3>;
compatible = "fsl,mpc8540-pcix", "fsl,mpc8540-pci";
device_type = "pci";