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* Texas Instruments OMAP2+ McBSP module
Required properties:
- compatible: "ti,omap2420-mcbsp" for McBSP on OMAP2420
"ti,omap2430-mcbsp" for McBSP on OMAP2430
"ti,omap3-mcbsp" for McBSP on OMAP3
"ti,omap4-mcbsp" for McBSP on OMAP4 and newer SoC
- reg: Register location and size, for OMAP4+ as an array:
<MPU access base address, size>,
<L3 interconnect address, size>;
- reg-names: Array of strings associated with the address space
- interrupts: Interrupt numbers for the McBSP port, as an array in case the
McBSP IP have more interrupt lines:
<OCP compliant irq>,
<TX irq>,
<RX irq>;
- interrupt-names: Array of strings associated with the interrupt numbers
- interrupt-parent: The parent interrupt controller
- ti,buffer-size: Size of the FIFO on the port (OMAP2430 and newer SoC)
- ti,hwmods: Name of the hwmod associated to the McBSP port
mcbsp2: mcbsp@49022000 {
compatible = "ti,omap3-mcbsp";
reg = <0x49022000 0xff>,
<0x49028000 0xff>;
reg-names = "mpu", "sidetone";
interrupts = <0 17 0x4>, /* OCP compliant interrupt */
<0 62 0x4>, /* TX interrupt */
<0 63 0x4>, /* RX interrupt */
<0 4 0x4>; /* Sidetone */
interrupt-names = "common", "tx", "rx", "sidetone";
interrupt-parent = <&intc>;
ti,buffer-size = <1280>;
ti,hwmods = "mcbsp2";