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Kernel driver abx500
Supported chips:
* ST-Ericsson ABx500 series
Prefix: 'abx500'
Addresses scanned: -
Martin Persson <>
Hongbo Zhang <>
Every ST-Ericsson Ux500 SOC consists of both ABx500 and DBx500 physically,
this is kernel hwmon driver for ABx500.
There are some GPADCs inside ABx500 which are designed for connecting to
thermal sensors, and there is also a thermal sensor inside ABx500 too, which
raises interrupt when critical temperature reached.
This abx500 is a common layer which can monitor all of the sensors, every
specific abx500 chip has its special configurations in its own file, e.g. some
sensors can be configured invisible if they are not available on that chip, and
the corresponding gpadc_addr should be set to 0, thus this sensor won't be