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Kernel driver fam15h_power
Supported chips:
* AMD Family 15h Processors
Prefix: 'fam15h_power'
Addresses scanned: PCI space
BIOS and Kernel Developer's Guide (BKDG) For AMD Family 15h Processors
(not yet published)
Author: Andreas Herrmann <>
This driver permits reading of registers providing power information
of AMD Family 15h processors.
For AMD Family 15h processors the following power values can be
calculated using different processor northbridge function registers:
* BasePwrWatts: Specifies in watts the maximum amount of power
consumed by the processor for NB and logic external to the core.
* ProcessorPwrWatts: Specifies in watts the maximum amount of power
the processor can support.
* CurrPwrWatts: Specifies in watts the current amount of power being
consumed by the processor.
This driver provides ProcessorPwrWatts and CurrPwrWatts:
* power1_crit (ProcessorPwrWatts)
* power1_input (CurrPwrWatts)
On multi-node processors the calculated value is for the entire
package and not for a single node. Thus the driver creates sysfs
attributes only for internal node0 of a multi-node processor.