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Kernel driver smm665
Supported chips:
* Summit Microelectronics SMM465
Prefix: 'smm465'
Addresses scanned: -
* Summit Microelectronics SMM665, SMM665B
Prefix: 'smm665'
Addresses scanned: -
* Summit Microelectronics SMM665C
Prefix: 'smm665c'
Addresses scanned: -
* Summit Microelectronics SMM764
Prefix: 'smm764'
Addresses scanned: -
* Summit Microelectronics SMM766, SMM766B
Prefix: 'smm766'
Addresses scanned: -
Author: Guenter Roeck <>
Module Parameters
* vref: int
Default: 1250 (mV)
Reference voltage on VREF_ADC pin in mV. It should not be necessary to set
this parameter unless a non-default reference voltage is used.
[From datasheet] The SMM665 is an Active DC Output power supply Controller
that monitors, margins and cascade sequences power. The part monitors six
power supply channels as well as VDD, 12V input, two general-purpose analog
inputs and an internal temperature sensor using a 10-bit ADC.
Each monitored channel has its own high and low limits, plus a critical
Support for SMM465, SMM764, and SMM766 has been implemented but is untested.
Usage Notes
This driver does not probe for devices, since there is no register which
can be safely used to identify the chip. You will have to instantiate
the devices explicitly. When instantiating the device, you have to specify
its configuration register address.
Example: the following will load the driver for an SMM665 at address 0x57
on I2C bus #1:
$ modprobe smm665
$ echo smm665 0x57 > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-1/new_device
Sysfs entries
This driver uses the values in the datasheet to convert ADC register values
into the values specified in the sysfs-interface document. All attributes are
read only.
Min, max, lcrit, and crit values are used by the chip to trigger external signals
and/or other activity. Triggered signals can include HEALTHY, RST, Power Off,
or Fault depending on the chip configuration. The driver reports values as lcrit
or crit if exceeding the limits triggers RST, Power Off, or Fault, and as min or
max otherwise. For details please see the SMM665 datasheet.
For SMM465 and SMM764, values for Channel E and F are reported but undefined.
in1_input 12V input voltage (mV)
in2_input 3.3V (VDD) input voltage (mV)
in3_input Channel A voltage (mV)
in4_input Channel B voltage (mV)
in5_input Channel C voltage (mV)
in6_input Channel D voltage (mV)
in7_input Channel E voltage (mV)
in8_input Channel F voltage (mV)
in9_input AIN1 voltage (mV)
in10_input AIN2 voltage (mV)
in1_min 12v input minimum voltage (mV)
in2_min 3.3V (VDD) input minimum voltage (mV)
in3_min Channel A minimum voltage (mV)
in4_min Channel B minimum voltage (mV)
in5_min Channel C minimum voltage (mV)
in6_min Channel D minimum voltage (mV)
in7_min Channel E minimum voltage (mV)
in8_min Channel F minimum voltage (mV)
in9_min AIN1 minimum voltage (mV)
in10_min AIN2 minimum voltage (mV)
in1_max 12v input maximum voltage (mV)
in2_max 3.3V (VDD) input maximum voltage (mV)
in3_max Channel A maximum voltage (mV)
in4_max Channel B maximum voltage (mV)
in5_max Channel C maximum voltage (mV)
in6_max Channel D maximum voltage (mV)
in7_max Channel E maximum voltage (mV)
in8_max Channel F maximum voltage (mV)
in9_max AIN1 maximum voltage (mV)
in10_max AIN2 maximum voltage (mV)
in1_lcrit 12v input critical minimum voltage (mV)
in2_lcrit 3.3V (VDD) input critical minimum voltage (mV)
in3_lcrit Channel A critical minimum voltage (mV)
in4_lcrit Channel B critical minimum voltage (mV)
in5_lcrit Channel C critical minimum voltage (mV)
in6_lcrit Channel D critical minimum voltage (mV)
in7_lcrit Channel E critical minimum voltage (mV)
in8_lcrit Channel F critical minimum voltage (mV)
in9_lcrit AIN1 critical minimum voltage (mV)
in10_lcrit AIN2 critical minimum voltage (mV)
in1_crit 12v input critical maximum voltage (mV)
in2_crit 3.3V (VDD) input critical maximum voltage (mV)
in3_crit Channel A critical maximum voltage (mV)
in4_crit Channel B critical maximum voltage (mV)
in5_crit Channel C critical maximum voltage (mV)
in6_crit Channel D critical maximum voltage (mV)
in7_crit Channel E critical maximum voltage (mV)
in8_crit Channel F critical maximum voltage (mV)
in9_crit AIN1 critical maximum voltage (mV)
in10_crit AIN2 critical maximum voltage (mV)
in1_crit_alarm 12v input critical alarm
in2_crit_alarm 3.3V (VDD) input critical alarm
in3_crit_alarm Channel A critical alarm
in4_crit_alarm Channel B critical alarm
in5_crit_alarm Channel C critical alarm
in6_crit_alarm Channel D critical alarm
in7_crit_alarm Channel E critical alarm
in8_crit_alarm Channel F critical alarm
in9_crit_alarm AIN1 critical alarm
in10_crit_alarm AIN2 critical alarm
temp1_input Chip temperature
temp1_min Mimimum chip temperature
temp1_max Maximum chip temperature
temp1_crit Critical chip temperature
temp1_crit_alarm Temperature critical alarm