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Kernel driver w83l786ng
Supported chips:
* Winbond W83L786NG/W83L786NR
Prefix: 'w83l786ng'
Addresses scanned: I2C 0x2e - 0x2f
Author: Kevin Lo <>
Module Parameters
* reset boolean
(default 0)
Use 'reset=1' to reset the chip (via index 0x40, bit 7). The default
behavior is no chip reset to preserve BIOS settings
This driver implements support for Winbond W83L786NG/W83L786NR chips.
The driver implements two temperature sensors, two fan rotation speed
sensors, and three voltage sensors.
Temperatures are measured in degrees Celsius and measurement resolution is 1
degC for temp1 and temp2.
Fan rotation speeds are reported in RPM (rotations per minute). Fan readings
readings can be divided by a programmable divider (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64
or 128 for fan 1/2) to give the readings more range or accuracy.
Voltage sensors (also known as IN sensors) report their values in millivolts.
An alarm is triggered if the voltage has crossed a programmable minimum
or maximum limit.
/sys files
pwm[1-2] - this file stores PWM duty cycle or DC value (fan speed) in range:
0 (stop) to 255 (full)
pwm[1-2]_enable - this file controls mode of fan/temperature control:
* 0 Manual Mode
* 1 Thermal Cruise
* 2 Smart Fan II
pwm[1-2]_mode - Select PWM of DC mode
* 0 DC
* 1 PWM
tolerance[1-2] - Value in degrees of Celsius (degC) for +- T