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Kernel driver i2c-parport-light
Author: Jean Delvare <>
This driver is a light version of i2c-parport. It doesn't depend
on the parport driver, and uses direct I/O access instead. This might be
preferred on embedded systems where wasting memory for the clean but heavy
parport handling is not an option. The drawback is a reduced portability
and the impossibility to daisy-chain other parallel port devices.
Please see i2c-parport for documentation.
Module parameters:
* type: type of adapter (see i2c-parport or modinfo)
* base: base I/O address
Default is 0x378 which is fairly common for parallel ports, at least on PC.
* irq: optional IRQ
This must be passed if you want SMBus alert support, assuming your adapter
actually supports this.