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ConnMan policy file format
The session policy plugin allows to configure/provision a session.
ConnMan will be looking for policy files in STORAGEDIR/session_policy_local
which by default points to /var/lib/connman. Policy file names must
not include other characters than letters or numbers and must have
a .policy suffix. Policy files are text files.
It is possible to add, remove or update a policy file during run-time.
The corresponding sessions will be updated accordingly.
Policy group [policy_*]
Each policy group must start with as [policy_*] tag. '*' has no
semantic meaning but should consist just out of characters.
Required fields:
Exactly one and only one of the required fields need to be present
per policy group.
- uid: This policy group will be applied to any session
with given user ID.
- gid: This policy group will be applied to any session
with given group ID.
- selinux: This policy group will be applied to any session
with given SELinux context.
Allowed fields:
- AllowedBearers: see session-api.txt
The policy AllowedBearers overrules the settings done via
D-Bus. For example the policy AllowedBearers is 'ethernet' then
the D-Bus API will only accept an empty string or 'ethernet'.
- ConnectionType: see session-api.txt
The policy ConnectionType overrules the settings done via
- Priority: A boolean which tells ConnMan to prefer the session
over other Sessions. This priority value is more for applications
that want to push themselves up in the asychronization notification
queue once a bearer becomes online.
This actual priority order also depends on the allowed bearers and
other factors. This setting is just a little indicator for one
application being notified before another one.
- RoamingPolicy: The allowed roaming behavior.
Valid policies are "national", "international", "default", "always"
and "forbidden".
"national" allows roaming within a country. "international" allows
roaming in a country and between countries.
"default" is used to tell the session to use the global roaming
"always" will overwrite the default "forbidden" value which is
useful for emergency application.
Default value is "forbidden".
- EmergencyCall: A boolean which tells ConnMan whenever the
Connect() method is called for this session, all other
session are disconnected.
Note only services matching the AllowedBearers rule will be
example@example:[~]$ cat /var/lib/connman/session_policy_local/auser.policy
uid = auser
AllowedBearers = wifi cellular
RoamingPolicy = forbidden